1. M

    Log First build my Mini ITX with ZS-A4S V3

    Hi ? Last year, I posted a build with ZS-Case In general, the quality of the case is very good.In the second build, I used the ZS-A4DC V2 before, I've also built it with the ZS-A4DC V2 with the Default GPU Low Profile Case: ZS-A4S V3 6.2L Mainboard: B550I AORUS PRO AX (rev. 1.0) CPU: Ryzen 5...
  2. Creep

    Asetek 645LT vs Air in a new NCASE M1 - Opinions?

    Bought a NCASE M1 v6.1 and have 2 options for cooling a 9900k and a 2080 Ti 11GB Asetek 645LT paired w/ a Noctua NF-A9x14 or Noctua NF-A9 Chromax Either of these Noctua air coolers - NH-U9S or NH-C14S (with interchangeable fans) Also, I desire the Chromax color scheme but don't mind mixing and...
  3. BrotherStein

    Cooling Noctua "Black Out" Chromax Line

    These look amazing! NOTE: Skip to 00:50