1. 3lfk1ng

    Enclosure System76 - Thelio. A chassis that thinks outside the box.

    Check out our article about System76's Thelio chassis and let us know your thoughts below. You can find the article on our homepage or by clicking on the following link:
  2. NRG

    Completed Caeruleum - Core P5 Inspired Custom Case

    Hey all, Back again after having a Corsair One and getting the itch to build a PC. I went balls to the wall and did a full custom loop in a Core P5 after falling in love with the open chassis style of cases (Even put the RAM on water). I am left with this cable mess, Having waited nearly two...
  3. Thehack

    Stalled Project Stealth - 5.7L, custom 400W PSU, 270mm GPU

    After project Pure I am working on my next case to address some of the needs/wants of the community in builds. The layout has the gpu and cpu fans on the same side. The goal of this case is reliably power a 400W of components in the smallest size possible. CPU Cooler: 40mm, Noctua NH-L9i GPU...
  4. Thehack

    Stratos 3: ~3.5L PicoPSU Chassis

    After seeing all the great cases everyone has been designing, I attempted to design my own. So far it hasn't been named. I decide to serve the PicoPSU market. For now, let's call this version P3, for prototype and at around 3L. Supports: ITX motherboard 2 SSD CPU Cooler up to 47mm. The case is...
  5. Josh | NFC

    .SKP S4 Mini 2016-03-02

    This is a simplified model of the S4 Mini that can be used to get a basic idea of scale and perhaps can be used to plan a build. Thanks for looking!