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    Lian Li PC-Q21 build advice for maximum airflow

    I plan to build this as soon as my case arrives. I can see myself and have been made aware that there will be airflow problems so I plan to mod the case but I'm not sure what fan or how many fans to add or what to do about GPU ventilation. I plan to cut a hole up top with a hole saw for a 120mm...
  2. S

    Noctua L9a with TY-100 Fan ideas closed Case and c7cu / std

    Hi, its André from Germany with English on Rookie. I have tested already to coolers: AXP-100 (i tried cause the Optic of an open cooler was that nice) with sawed of Alu below and fitted Fan below and 1-2mm Headroom to the closed Case. The sounding is close to the Noctua l9a. On Ryzen 5-2600 i...