1. steelfractal

    new HI-FI DAC/amp

    To the audio/hi-fi gurus on here I was looking around on some hi-fi forums cause I was bored and found this and I like how it looked question is how well will that setup handle a pair of dail oberon 1 speakers compared to my Yamaha WXA-50 so I am now looking at new amps I am open to other to...
  2. BaK

    Multiple bluetooth gamepads

    Hi! I'm injoying playing games on Windows 10, especially with a wireless gamepad. Right now I have a DualShock 4 controller (latest version), paired as a bluetooth device and then emulated as an XBOX controller thanks to DS4Windows. Everything works fine except one thing, there no sound coming...
  3. steelfractal

    speaker isolation

    question for the audio people in here just got some new speakers for christmas and want som advice on what (feet/pucks/absorbers/spikes) i should buy to isolate them from the desk they are sitting on
  4. G

    .STEP Front panel PCB model 2020-10-09

    Small front panel PCB with 2 USB 3.0 ports and 3.5mm jacks in/out Modeled from a part available on AliExpress. Vendor is "PASTOP Official Store" see references in attached txt file. Dimensions are exact according to the schematic provided by the vendor.
  5. D

    Ryzen 5 2600, quiet fans and GPU, max 12W 10H 18D

    That's about the extent of my requirements. It needs to fit into an existing space. I'm looking for recommendations on: Case Motherboard Cooler Power supply I am replacing a 12 year old system that really does still work but is slow. It is to be used in a home studio so I'd like to reduce...
  6. F

    Manufacturer for front panel I/O, power button and angled power cord

    Good day guys, if you followed my last threads you will probably already know that I am working on a prebuilt SFF PC which will go into mass production. I am now looking for manufacturers which are able to produce the stuff I need (the details are below). I know there're guys in this forum...
  7. T

    ASRock DeskMini Audio Codec

    The ASRock DeskMini H110 Audio Codec is ALC 283, an older basic stereo codec. They have the ALC283 chip on their mobo. (I have seen pics of it). Does that freeze all audio coming out through the HDMI and DP to 2 channels also? In theory, HDMI and DP can handle more far more audio channels...
  8. winterfart1

    Accessory DAC & Amp combo perfect for Mini Itx builts

    Hi all, i realised that (at least for me), on board mobo dac chip receives a lot of static and isn't exactly the best. My built was: Ncase M1 V5 Intel i7-6700k at 4.5GHz Asus Z170i mobo Gigabyte G1 GTX1070 Cryorig m9i 3x 120mm Thermaltake Riing LED fans for Intake with fan controller 1x 92mm...
  9. confusis

    .SKP Motherboard Parts - 7.1 audio 2015-12-14

    Motherboard Parts - 7.1 audio
  10. confusis

    .SKP Motherboard Parts - 3x audio stack 2015-12-14

    Motherboard Parts - 3x audio stack