Manufacturer for front panel I/O, power button and angled power cord


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Sep 12, 2018
Good day guys,
if you followed my last threads you will probably already know that I am working on a prebuilt SFF PC which will go into mass production.

I am now looking for manufacturers which are able to produce the stuff I need (the details are below). I know there're guys in this forum (@Necere @dondan @Josh | NFC and many more) that already worked with suppliers and can maybe recommend me some.

The hardware solutions I need are mostly already available on the market. So I could just add them all together and get the function that I need in the formfactor I want. But because I want to aim for a higher volume order I would be interested in a rather enhanced and lower priced custom all in one solution than puzzling all available components together.

Front Panel I/O:
For the USB 3.0 Front Panel Connectors I will need a low profile (an angled one would also do) 20 pin header adapter cable (something like this to be able to plug them into the mainboard. Additional to that all cables running out of the "front panel i/o board" where the ports sit on need to be up or down angled. (Angled to either side would be most likely fine too but I didn't see anything like that on the market yet.) Example:
Then I will need a USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 2 Connector) what will be connected to the motherboard by a cable that is angled.
The Headphone and Microphoneport shouldn't be red and green because of aesthetics.

Power button:
The button shouldn't be huge in depth. Maximum depth needs to be below the depth of the front panel board plus the angled cables connected to it.

Power cord:
Most of the standard power extension cords should fit unless they are very bulky so just the length will be customized.