1. Analogue Blacksheep

    Help with AMD Athlon based attic/loft PC's

    (While these aren't SFF computers, I feel comfortable/familiar posting on this board hence why. Mods if you feel this belongs somewhere else could you move it there please.) I decided to look at the computers in my attic today. These are from around the early 2000's and haven't been opened...
  2. ondert

    Rumor New AM4 Athlon 35W CPUs?

    Hey folks, Looks like AMD is going to hit Intel on the Pentium level also. This will be fun! Report says that new Athlon 200GE and Pro 200GE 35W cpus with 2 cores/4 threads were listed on Asus' website. It indicates that these cpus will have Vega on-board gpu. Though, we'll see Pentium vs...
  3. TheHig

    Low power Kabini Build

    Hello all, I just put together a low power AM1 Kabini based build for a buddy. He will run this headless with a Linux distro for his internet radio station. It is set up to be always on and so low power and low cost was the aim. I have used the Asrock AM1H-itx mobo that has a built in power...