aluminum case

  1. W

    Prototyping Silent Winter V0.5 - 14.3L SFF case with Dual 240mm Slim Radiators or Semi Passive Cooling (2020 Update)

    Hello friends! Happy New Year! Since this past October, I’ve been hard at work on my CFD-driven airflow focused SFFPC case. The first shots I showed you back then were simple concepts exploring the inner layout, and possible construction methods. The design has since evolved and matured. **I’m...
  2. VELKASE Michael

    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    Velka series cases are focused on delivering class-leading space efficiency for portability and reduced desk clutter. Please note: the information below may be incomplete or outdated. These cases are in between production runs and Michael too exhausted to re-write it at this time. Available at...
  3. LUNA Design

    Production DNK-PRIME. CNC Milling PC case

    November 2018 Update: We finished production and starts assembly. We accept pre-orders on December 2018 on our new web. During last year, we made some modifications for easily assembly and better appearance. June 2019 Update: Starting from June 2019, Russian customers can buy only complete...