1. E

    .STEP Alphacool NexXxoS ST20 HPE STEP 2022-10-15

    Just sharing my simplified step files for the st20 140 and 280 variant Based off these sheets.
  2. Firebear

    Cooling New Alphacool SL-15 (120x120x15mm) SFF fans - Noctua budget competitor?

    Alphacool released their new SL-15 fans today They price at € 11.69 (US$ 14,17). Technical Data Alphacool SL-15 Noctua NF A12x15 (as comparison) Speed 600 - 1800rpm...
  3. G

    Using a DC-LT Pump without pump top

    Is there any way I can modify this Aphacool DC-LT 2600 to integrate into a reservoir-less, soft tubing G 1/4" loop? I need to be able to fit a very small, standalone pump within the system, and without using any pump tops. Is there anything I can do, whether purchasing a 3d print, or other, in...
  4. Webster971

    SZ170R8 V2 watercooling

    Hello everybody ! I bought myself a Shuttle SZ170R8 V2 barebone and I going to put it under watercooling. For the components: - Barebonne: Shuttle SZ170R8 V2 (of curse) - CPU: I5 6600k or I7 6700k depending on the budget - GPU: GTX 1070 or an GTX 1080 - RAM: 4x4 GO (model according to the...
  5. jjk1224

    First ITX Build - In Progress

    So, I have been dreaming of this for the last year or two... Most of the time when people think about "High end" systems, ATX boards and enormous full tower cases come to mind. My goal for this build is to create something that is relatively small and aesthetically pleasing, but without...
  6. 3lfk1ng

    Selling Caselabs S3, Lian-Li, Alphacool and Aquacomputer parts.

    Location of items: Santa Barbara, CA Hello everyone, I am selling a bunch of my enthusiast grade parts to set aside the funds for some car parts. All components have been well taken care of and could use a good home. Car Part fund meter: ||||||||||||||||||||||||| [68%] Items Available (prices...