1. T

    Cooling Best slim 80mm fans?

    Does anybody have any experiences with Nidec fans? I've been looking for slim 80mm fans and so far found these 80x15mm and 80x10mm fans. Are they any good? From what I could find pretty ok (compared to other slim 80mm fans) and having a brand-name company known for good products like their...
  2. ImmaculateDoge

    Cooling 80 x 80 x 10 mm case fan... doesn't seem to exist?

    Hello all, First post! Is it possible to find a good 80x80x10mm case fan? Some googling and searching on the forum only turned up one from Akasa, mentioned here. However, the Akasa model seems to be noisy and of low quality. I'd really like a couple of nice quiet 8010s for a planned build in...