5700 xt

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    Help on a Sliger SM560 Build

    I will be selling my current pc, in an H500i to build one in the sliger sm560. I travel to France every holiday and having a big case like the h500i is not ideal. Current Part list: Case: Sliger SM560 (vented sides) Motherboard: B450I GAMING PLUS AC CPU: Ryzen 3600 CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9A...
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    PCIE Riser Causing BSOD in Dan A4-sfx v3

    Hello all, Today I just finished building my new ITX build using 3700x, rog strix X570-I and 5700 XT in a Dan A4 -sfx v3. When installing graphics card driver I encountered constant BSODs, so I cannot enter windows afterwards. I searched online and found the issue might be related to the PCIE...
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    X570 & Riser Cable Problems for 5700/XT

    So apparently there's issues running the RX 5700/XT on a riser cable or vertical mount when using X570... X570 Riser Issue I guess imma have to swap from the Dan case to something else??