2080 ti

  1. C

    3900x 2080ti V6

    Hey guys new here not really sure where to post this so be kind haha. I’ve just pre-ordered the v6 it’s my second PC and first SFF build. I’ve been searching the internet and every answer seems to go in one ear out the other so what would to “best” option for a 2080 ti be? What card has the...
  2. Z

    How can I mount a 3 slot GPU vertically in a Cerberus X?

    Too my dismay, I've discovered that I can't close my Sliger Cerberus X case because the PSU cables stick out too far from the side of my 3 slot EVGA 2080 ti. I'd like to mount it vertically instead, but the case only has a 2 slot vertical opening. What can I do to close my case? Is there some...
  3. Exal

    Ncase M1 Build Ryzen 5 / C14S - EVGA 2080 ti Black Edition / Accelero iii

    Hello to the SFF Ncase community ! I finally got all my parts and just wanted to confirm a few things regarding EVGA 2080 ti black edition for those wondering. 2080 ti black edition + Accelero iii + 2X120mm standard fan = it fits :thumb: Installing the Accelero : First unscrew everything on...