1. Lone

    .STEP HDPLEX 200W AC-DC PCI Card Mount 4

    This PCI Card Mount concept would allow mounting the HDPLEX 200W AC-DC in the Lone Industries L5, or other cases with 40mm clearance. Redesigned into a 3D printable part. ABS filament recommended due to higher heat tolerance. Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if this fries your computer. I do not...
  2. Thehack

    Prototype J-HACK PLUGin 200X

    Hello, I am currently working on a PLUGin board that is available in 200W version. This total board power competes with the HDPLEX 200W, but lacks PCIe. It will be produced in anticipation AMD's new 4000 series APU, ready for overclocking. SPECS: All new, J-HACK custom designed from the ground...