1. riba2233

    Production SFFtime presents: P-ATX v2 - 10 L case with improved ATX, AIO and 3-slot support!

    Hi everyone, I am really proud to announce that after a lot of work, and a lot of time, I finally have a new version of P-ATX ready! New batch is currently in production and available to pre-order on our website: https://www.sfftime.com/product-page/p-atx-v2-0 First reviews have dropped...
  2. Colinreay

    Prototype $50 10L Laser Cut Case

    Hi everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy during these tough times. I want to share a case that I hope to start selling soon. The design in question is a 10L, inverted-tower style composed of flat acrylic panels. I made and sold a few cases with a nearly identical layout last year...