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DeskNano x300 DIY guide

DeskNano x300 DIY Edition
1.2 Liter 3D case for ASRock a300 and x300

Models: Printables

Assembly: Guide

Case consists of:

- The a300 / x300. Check Ali Express "ASRock Official Flagship Store", Ebay, Amazon Japan, Newegg, Reddit HardwareSwap. Approximately $170 to 230 USD.

- Lids that fits your cooler. Various styles. Or custom make your own with the "blank" lid and step files. Supports L9A, Wraith, and others

- Tray and Core (free version). More versions in store.

- Expansions such as Storage, VESA, GPU, or m.2. cover. Or, design your own expansions from the template

Hardware (find locally, online, or also sold as a kit in the store):​


For Case:
-4x M3 (Self Tapping) or #5 screw to attach Tray to Core. 20mm length, 3.15mm (or .125in) nominal thread diameter. (3.2mm dia. in the model)​
-4x M3x8mm (Any kind) to attach Lid. (2.9mm dia. in the model)​

For Expansions:
-5x M3 press-fit or heat set inserts such as this or this. 5mm MAX LENGTH!​
For Storage Bay: 3x M3 20mm screws, 120mm PVC Mesh​
For VESA: 5x M3 5mm screws​

Switch (DIY, also sold pre-assembled here)​

Soldering required. Cut and re-use your existing panel header. Attach a 5v, short body, 16mm diameter anti-vandal switch with a thread length of about 8mm and total length of about 15mm.

2022-07-18 18_46_32-12mm 16mm 19mm 22mm Ultra Short Micro Stroke Stainless Steel Push Button S...png

There is only about 20mm clearance from the head of the switch to the L9a heatsink so that is why the short body is required. For other coolers that are set back further into the AM4 socket, or elevated on heatpipes, it might be OK to use a longer, typical 16mm switch.

These switches work well (The 3-6v, 16mm version)

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