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    Prototype X-ICBM Bulava 4.3L ITX case for workstation build.

    What is the max GPU Length and CPU Height?
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    Prototype Bonsai - World's First Bamboo Case - 5.8L

    Where would we order the case?
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    Stalled The ]M[ - Versatile: modular SFF casing from console size to much more

    When will you start the fundraiseing campaign and what price will you sell it for?
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    Concept A 8.5 L case with ATX psu (or two 120mm aio)

    "max graphics card length : (220 mm with atx), (240 mm with sfx), or (330mm with flex atx, because why not)"
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    Prototype Hommer Case V1 How SFX Case should be (8.4l incl. AIO and 3slot GPU)

    What is said price that is "lower than the competitors?"
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    Prototype SC3-STX: 3.5L - Internal PSU - 1080ti Mini support

    The problem with having support for a 1080 Ti and only 30mm cpu clearance is that it won't be able to cool a 9600k, 9700k or a 9900k without overheating and getting a BSOD or turning off.
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    Production DSE Breathe - A 7.3L Vertical Format ITX Tower

    What will be the total cost + shipping to Arlington VA?