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    zs-a4s - book sized build

    Nice! Can you give a link to taobao for this case?
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    10L Jonsbo V3+ Custom Gaming Build

    Basically by default this case supports only 4 4x4 fans, but after some testing i understood that they have very poor effect on air circulation + mid price fans had annoyng buzzing noise at any rpm. So logical solution was to use them only when gaming at top load. So i just wired them together...
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    10L Jonsbo V3+ Custom Gaming Build

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Ukraine. I would like to share my SFF Build, because i didn't find anything of this kind on the forum. In my opinion Jonsbo V3+ case is perfect balance between case size, cooling capabilities and performance per liter. Of course, not without some...