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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    The regular power button fits the case so much better than a vandal switch though. I just wish you could get it with a white LED.
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    Prototyping Sidearmd T1, CNC + AIO + 9.35L

    Hopefully not. People not buying the I/O probably wont want ugly holes in there case...
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    Prototyping Sidearmd T1, CNC + AIO + 9.35L

    I love everything about this case except for the fact the graphics card will have to be upside down for a top mounted rad. Is there the possibility of their being a top mounted rad version of this case in the future(without an upside down gpu)? With the modularity of the mobo tray, couldn't...
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    New revision of Ncase M1, when?

    Dark grey with a slight blue tint might actually look really good. Are you guys able to control the tint?