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    DAN A4-SFX

    Depends on which CPU you're going with. L9i is for Intel and L9a is for AMD. Pretty sure you can buy the black Noctua fans separately
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    Concept 11 liter ITX airflow simplicity

    So glad this project is still running. I'd be beyond thrilled if you ended up getting a product that resembled the original renders with a wood and cloth aesthetic
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    Production The MI-6 Microtower Case: Performance in 6.7L

    I was thinking about cases that could fit that yesterday because MSI and Gigabyte haven't released any ITX versions of the 2070 Super and I don't know if they even will
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    Off Topic What games are you playing?

    Moved onto Guacamelee 2 and it's so fun! Have just a few achievements left. It can be really challenging at times but when it clicks and you execute something flawlessly it's so gratifying. Really liked the first one and glad the sequel was even better.
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    Production Lazer3D - LZ XTD - Alternative Designs

    Thanks a ton @Venemo This was very helpful actually. The fan situation is something I've been wanting a good analysis on fan options for the LZ7 cases.
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    Off Topic What games are you playing?

    I LOVED Gris, and I enjoyed Oxenfree. Journey has been on my list for a long time and it's finally on PC so I'm picking that up when I have a machine that can run it, for reference I had to play Oxenfree at at 720p or lower, medium settings just to get like 30fps. And Night in the Woods is also...
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    Production Lazer3D - LZ XTD - Alternative Designs

    @Tek Everything review out now!
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    Off Topic What games are you playing?

    Finished Gris and moved onto The Messenger since it went on sale. It's so good, really enjoying the gameplay and humor
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    New Velka 3 review is out! Velka 5 review coming out next week supposedly
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    Off Topic What games are you playing?

    My first build was 2011, and that got sold in 2012. My wife has finally approved me to build a PC and that'll be this Christmas. Kept a live wishlist that I would update annually whenever new stuff came out. So ready for it.
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    Off Topic What games are you playing?

    My laptop has a GT940M, so nowhere near close to GTX 970 power.
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    Off Topic What games are you playing?

    Started playing Gris the other day. I LOVE the art and music. Huge fan of artsy indie games in general. And it runs fine on my ThinkPad Yoga 14 which is always a plus considering it can't even run Hollow Knight at 60fps at 1080p.
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    Mini and ITX RTX 2060 Super GPUs

    Does anyone know when we could start seeing the ITX and mini versions of RTX 2060 Super GPUs? MSI already has a product page for theirs but I don't see one for Gigabyte, even though we all know they'll definitely make one. My wife has finally given me the green light to do a build for...
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    Production Lazer3D LZ7 - Quiet Gaming Cube PC Case

    Awesome! Thanks so much for adding the option and for explaining the difference. I also just remembered that SFFLab will be selling your LZ7 as well, how do they operate? Closer to OcUK or to you?