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    Hello from Oregon

    hah i explained it to my wife as “it’s like ultralight backpacking community” and she said at least i’m consistent. i’m more worried for my knuckles than my wallet tbh :)
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    Other Powering a rPi zero inside the case

    HI everyone, hope this is the right place. I have a SF600 PSU, and a empty USB header on my mobo (ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming ITX/AC). I was planning on putting a 5 inch screen at the top right of my N200P case to drive some stats, and maybe use it as a picture frame. I've read that the USB...
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    Hello from Oregon

    Hi everyone, after upgrading to a N200P, I have gotten hooked to SFFPCs and modding in general. Can't wait to talk shop with you all!