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    Selling [ EU ] Sff cases , psus, hardware

    Hi Have some extra hardware . Dan A4 v4,1 + NH-L9a - AM4 cooler - 150€ 2. Corsair SF600 - 75€ 3. bequiet sfx-l 600w - 65€ 3. Phanteks evolv shift X - 50€ 4. Ryzen 3600 + Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac - full bundle - 200€ - sold Most of things is still under warranty, details will be provided...
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    What ATX Cases Tempt You?

    if i go atx, it will be phanteks one so i can shove 2 x itx inside 😂
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    Is it possible that we still don't have the pcb's dinemsions :D ???
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    News New chinese cpu, waterblock-pump BARROW

    damn that's tight
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    100 reviews after, no one measured FE or any other pcb ?
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    Other What would you like to see in a ITX case?

    Price without itx taxes
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    Gamers nexus will have video with disassembly of the card today. than we will see where it fits
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    News PowerColor RX 5700 ITX

    power color is garbage. A friend have mining operation, 8gb 580 death rate is over 10% , not overheated or anything, dying without warning. For example, he have many brands, 0 dead cards of any other brand. AND they not honoring any rma. Woudn't put it in my pc for free.
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    Techpowerup have the card and they said :" The PCB is less than two-thirds the length of the card and isn't rectangular in shape " . So, that means under 20cm . Perfect for itx build
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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    Zotac 3070 is 240mm but looks like pcb is around 20. Certainly viable solution with waterblock :D
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    Looking for SFF case suggestions

    I agree on 8 impact, definitely not needed, but as bitspower throw the monoblock out, i like it :D ... yes it does not offers nothing above strix and its bigger, no other x570 itx board have monoblock, so she is back in game in my book. But on the other hand, in less than 6 months the game is...
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    Production Sliger SV590 and SV540 - Vertical SFF Cases!

    Well yes, but comment "So it’s far from an Ncase killer " say it all for me. The problem with bottom panel is already reported from the owner, so it is probably on all of them, wich is a big deal i would say. That is basically all that would bother me, i would watercooled everything so gpu temps...
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    Production Sliger SV590 and SV540 - Vertical SFF Cases!

    OptimumTech not so impressed with case .
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    News Asus ROG Z490-I specs revealed

    well, who can fork out 250 for a case, shoulh be ready to give 300 for the mbo. I am wondering if they will able to push top tier processors due power demand