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    DAN A4-SFX

    ah that sucks, I had one preordered and assumed that I would still get mine before christmas. Guess not.
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    Prototyping CONSOLE and CONSWOLE: entry level 2-slot and 3-slot console cases!

    The power button location seems to be a bit wasted because it butts up against the PSU and could cause issues if the pins are too long on the switch. Is it possible to move it either above or below the PSU? Other then that I think it looks good.
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    Production M2427 - Cable Management Freedom

    I dont know if its the same thing, but I had some pslate custom cables from my older sf450 and tried to use them on the sf600 plat when I upgraded. Basically as soon as I added any load, the entire system would shut down. I emailed him and got some new cables, but I believe he said it was...
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    Closed SOLD [EU] i5 8400 + 16GB 2666 ram + Noctua L9I + Asrock Z370 itx (already assembled)

    Hello all, I'm selling my itx board, cpu, ram and cooler, still assembled, so its easy to use :) I'm selling because I upgraded to an i7 9700k. Selling all together, not separated. The prices below are the current, new prices. This is not new! The oldest parts were bought in July last year, so...
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    Production SFFtime presents: P-ATX, the 9L case with ATX and AIO support!

    Fantastic, and yes I understand. I was originally looking at the S402 as an option, but its shipped from the US (and not yet available), so an EU case would suit me better, as I live in the EU :)
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    Production SFFtime presents: P-ATX, the 9L case with ATX and AIO support!

    The case looks good. I am wondering if it would be possible to move the GPU card down if using an ITX board, thus increasing the available GPU height?
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    Concept Salvo Studios S402: ~9L Steel Console Style Case

    In your renders does the back of GPU have a filter recess? Regardless it looks good, cant wait to buy the final design!
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    Self Extended LZ7

    Thanks. My original thought was to use an AIO once I eventually upgrade my CPU. Currently I am only using an i5 8400, so it runs cool. Unfortunately I think that would not work due to ram height the location of the MB power cables I had them custom made by pslate (he is active on this forum...
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    Self Extended LZ7

    Hi, thanks. I used They have a large number of types of plastic and other materials you can cut into. Somewhere on their webpage they also have a 5% discount code you can use. I made my cad files so that 2 of the panels fit on their sheet size, it made it a bit cheaper as...
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    Self Extended LZ7

    Thanks :)
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    Self Extended LZ7

    Hi all, I decided to extend my LZ7 since I had a 2080ti which sadly could not fit. While I was waiting for the XTD version to come out, I was rather impatient and simply made my own. Originally I spent hours completely taking it apart and trying to measure it, but that was difficult. Then I...
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    Production Lazer3D - LZ XTD - Alternative Designs

    I have the EVGA 2080TI Black, in the picture in this thread ;) I don't want to enter though as I feel it would be a waste of materials for me, since I already have the LZ7. Also I plan to leave the PSU where it is and eventually put a 120mm AIO (in a year or so) above your PSU position. And...
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    Production Lazer3D - LZ XTD - Alternative Designs

    Nice offer to the community, but unfortunately my 2080Ti is 269.69! I'm looking forwards to how the final design will look and what panel options will be available.
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    Production Lazer3D - LZ XTD - Alternative Designs

    Thanks again for your quick response, we can continue emailing each other since its now OT :)