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    Log NFC s4 mini brickless build; 2070 super and 5600X; some modding

    Here's my S4 mini brickless build. just swapped out the cpu with an AMD 5600X so thought I'd post some pics specs Zotac 2070 Super; 2010 MHz 8000 Mem AMD Ryzen 5 5600X currently at 4.4GHz 1.2V (stability not confirmed yet) G Skillz 16GB RAM 3600 16CL 1TB NVME M2 SSD & 1TB SATA M.2 SSD (both...
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    Log S4 Mini brickless build; 2070 super, 5600X

    mods erase this post. i have no idea how to edit my original post.
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    Log S4 Mini brickless build; 2070 super, 5600X

    Hello, I just updated my cpu and had my S4 mini taken apart so I thought I'd share some pics: * Mod edit: post modified to show imgur media properly
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    Log NFC Skyreach 9700k, Zotac 2070S mini, Blackridge Reverse Brickless Layout

    very nice build, i'm waiting for my s4 mini and still planning my build. How did you get the blackridge cooler to fit? I've seen other posts show it was 3-4mm too tall, did you delid your cpu thus dropping the height?