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    Concept SENTRY 3.0: Development and Suggestions

    Adding usb type c with the A adapter seems like the way for the future though. But is the A adapter an industry standard?
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    Power Supply Review / Teardown | 700W Modular FLEX Power Supply from TaoBao 7760B (MF-700F)

    Thanks for the review!. Hope lots of review coming for these these types of PSU.
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    Log NFC s4 mini brickless build; 2070 super and 5600X; some modding

    Did you mod the GPU bracket towards to PCIE slot? You can put more breathing room to the HDplex 400 dc-atx that way. Using this mod
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Based on this, i live in Malaysia where the operating voltage is 240V and 50Hz. Based on the specs of the GX12-3 connector, maximum current of 5A and operating Vrms of 250V, so the max power is 5A x 240VAC = 1200W (malaysia). Technically the connector can handle that can of power right? Because...
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Noted, thank you.
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    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Thank you for the info guyz. Learning so much. Noob reporting in. Just a quick question, i notice that some of the psu mod use gx12-3 as ac in connector. But a quick look at the connector specs online give somewhat a limit current of 5A, is it safe using that kind of connector? For example, a...
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    Log G-unique DiY stuffs \\G-stick 17cm 600watts help USFF dream come true\

    will this work inside the skyreach 4 mini?
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    Selling [SG -Shipping Worldwide] Skyreach S4 Mini (S4M) Silver - Revision 5

    What is the difference between revision 5 and 6? Really interested, im from malaysia by the way. Interested to swap with Dr Zaber Sentry 2.0?
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    Production SENTRY 2.0: Evolution of console-sized gaming PC case

    Any link or website for the result? Thx in advance
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    Production SENTRY 2.0: Evolution of console-sized gaming PC case

    Is the noctua NH-L9A better perfromance compared to stock amd 3700X cooler? If it does by a lot, planning to hunt for 1 rite now