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    Best 120mm AIO for a Lian Li TU150?

    Agree with this. I don’t think using this case with a 120mm radiator makes sense. It’s big case for itx and might as well use that space to put in a large tower cooler and get 240mm aio performance or better. I’m running a Scythe Fuma 2 in my TU150 and I’m happy with how it fits and performs...
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    My Proposed SG13 Build. Open to suggestions

    If your going to be running a VM then I would definitely go with a Ryzen 3600 for the extra threads. If you keep the 32gb then would still try to keep DDR4 3600 speed as well unless you want to manually tune the speed/timings then go for the Crucial Ballistix Sport 3000 or 3200. I have seen...
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    My Proposed SG13 Build. Open to suggestions

    First real quick, you have two NF-P12 fans, case only supports one fans. I have built multiple builds in the SG-13 and believe it is by far the best SFF case under $100, to get better I think you have to step up into the $200+ range of the Ncase/Ghost/Dan Case/Sliger etc... Based on you list I...
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    Production CONSOLE and CONSWOLE: entry level 2-slot and 3-slot console cases! [Available Now!]

    Sold. The CONSWOLE is what I’m looking for. Support for all the 2+ slot cards and support for L12S and BS3. Only thing I would be looking for is support for a fan or two on the ends to draw warm air out of the case and help bring cool air in thru the side vents.