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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    Thanks. I went with a set of 140mm Rosewill fans, specifically the fluid dynamic bearing variant and while they flow a little less than an equivalent Noctua they're silent (below 50% or so) and cost about a quarter of what Noctuas do. My CPU dropped 6c at idle due to more air flowing around the...
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    There's a few people running 140mm fans in the V5 but it's not a bolt in mod. You need either thin mounting flanges on the fans so they can slide under, grind them down, or grind a little off the panel clips in order for them to clear each other (or remove them). One fan I had fit without...
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    New Dan Case Build Refuses to Power On (Help)

    Check if you have something grounding that shouldn't on the motherboard, a pinched cable, extra or missplaced standoff... Make sure it's only touching where it should. Sounds simple but it happens. or You have an NVME drive in a normal mini pci-e slot or you have bent pin in one of the slots...
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    NCASE M1 and Noctua C14S?

    The C14 (no S) allowed a 25mm fan on top and bottom, which is why it's popular, but no longer made. The C14S can only fit a 25mm fan under the heatsink. I think you can fit a slim 120mm or 140mm on top but the side panel is quite close. Here's where it gets more tricky... If you use the 140mm...
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    GPU GPU for HP 800 G1 SFF with only 240W power (GT 1030 passive from Amazon would be good??)

    It's an older low end SFF HP with a non-standard older design power supply. I'd agree with you if we were talking about a newer Cosair SF psu, but not an OEM meant for an low end office system, any overhead is there to account for differences in the PSU/config and wear over time. It's built to...
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    Ncase m1 owners, HELP

    Everything that screws into the case/frame is M3.
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    Enclosure Custom side panels for sff cases

    Check for a community ran (non-profit) hackerspace/makerspace in your area (beware commercial/for profit ones), most have all of the equipment you need and the membership price could be less than even some of the cheaper hand tools you would need.
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    Enclosure Custom side panels for sff cases

    You could do this whole thing in your garage in a day or two for the cost of material with just some hand tools and elbow grease. Get your hands dirty.
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    Enclosure Custom side panels for sff cases

    Just because Lian Li makes them this way, that doesn't mean that is the only way to make a panel, there are plenty of ways to make things. My bigger concern is the idea of this being copper as opposed to just plated. Before you do any more work on this idea, go look at material costs.
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    GPU Graphics card upgrade for Small Form Factor computer HP800 with only 240W PSU

    Your 240watt has the same 12v power capacity as the 320watt model (16amp/192watts), this is why I say the numbers are misleading. Power supplies lose some capacity as they age (capacitors age, fans wear, things get coated in dust), so realistically at this point yours is probably closer to...
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    Memory Which would be fastest/best RAM MEMORY possible for HP800 G1 SFF computer?

    You can't enable XMP outside of bios. It may be built in and just not in the menus, which means it can be done through a bios hack/tweak, but that's a rabbit hole you're best not to go wandering down as it can destroy everything, and it won;t help anyhow. Even if if faster but equal quantity...
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    Need guidance for SFF Ryzen (3900X ?) mini ITX build - how do I get small, cool and quiet ?

    3rd gen Ryzen has a 65watt option, I'd start with that. Do you even really need a dedicated gpu? If you can get away without you can seriously reduce the system size. If you do need a gpu, get a passive cooled gtx 1050, Dancase A4, Corsair 600 watt psu, and the new 92mm watercooler.
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    Memory Which would be fastest/best RAM MEMORY possible for HP800 G1 SFF computer?

    Ram speed itself is generally only noticable on benchmarks, often falls within the margin of error and is generally not felt in the "seat of the pants". It will often let you overclock more (when you can), but in terms of performance you can notice faster ram by itself does pretty much nothing...
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    Best air cooler with the hdd

    I said the C14 wouldn't fit with the bracket, I never mentioned the Darkrock. The DarkRock has been shown to be pretty much equivalent to the U9s, however it costs $20 more on average. If you like it, great, but given a choice I'd take a Noctua, especially when it's cheaper.
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    Best air cooler with the hdd

    The C14 fan inteferes with the psu, the heatsink itself inteferes with the drive cage, doesn't matter if it's a C14 or C14S. Regardless of how much smaller some other cases are, the Ncase is not big, it fills up VERY fast, you can't really just load it up with everything but the kitchen sink...