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    Turning an xbox 360 slim into a gaming pc

    So I want to turn an xbox 360 slim bc I am bored. I already have figured out how I can fit all the parts in (mini itx motherboard, half height gtx 1050 + riser, pico 160xt, etc.) The only thing I have yet to figure out is how to make the capacitive touch power button of the xbox 360 work, as it...
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    m.2 -> pcie x4 -> pcie x16 power for sff stx build?

    Ok, I think I'm going to try my 35$ idea first, but if that doesn't work I will try to cut the end to make it open ended. If all else fails I'll just buy the 125$ one. I'll keep you guys updated
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    m.2 -> pcie x4 -> pcie x16 power for sff stx build?

    Hello all, I just made an account just to ask this q here. So you may know of the STX 160 build that that guy made that has a whole gaming rig in the size of a PSU? I want to make something similar in size to that using an STX motherboard. STX needs an adapter from ultra m.2 to PCI in order to...