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    Cooling Gentle Typhoon 92mm

    How much did you pay for them? Are these that much better than the Noctua variant/equivalent?
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    Motherboard X570 ITX Motherboard Review Thread.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on which x570 itx board to buy?
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    NCASE M1 V6 - X570 Impact

    Excited to see this build.
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    Velka 3 Wooden Faceplate/Bezel

    It reminds me of this case that never came out with the wood plate. I Would love this case, the velka 5 or even my Ncase with a purple heart wood plate.
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    What happened to the white version of both the V3 or V5?
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    Ncase M1 AIO suggestions

    I would be worried about the stiffness of the cooler tubes. I would look into the oldschool corsair aio with the soft tubing like the H75. If not, then look into the Nactua C14s or C14 if you can find it. I think the V6 Ncase can fit the C14s.
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    The Chimera MachOne: For the pros. Small meets flexible.

    I have the Ncase and but I want the MachOne to be my next case. Just want something different.
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    The Chimera MachOne: For the pros. Small meets flexible.

    Machone is more interesting.
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    LOUQE Ghost S1 (Re)Build Log

    Great build!! I have an Ncase build that I love but am curious about the Louqe Ghost S1. Probably going to use that case for my next build unless the MachOne decides to show up :)
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    Rumor Is that a DTX AM4 board from Asus ROG?

    So is it out yet?
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    Selling FS: AsRock X570 ITX Mobo (Has SLI certificate enabled)

    Did you sell the Nactua Slim?
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    I have this board too. Do you have any pics of your set up?
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    Have you made that V6 new feature list yet?
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    Closed US] Vega64 Limited Ed stock cooler

    Is the price less without water block?
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    Liquid Cooled NCASE + Tutorial Video

    Cool. Can't wait to see the video