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    3D Printed 16mm Spacer for Dan A4 SFX

    Just bumped into this thing on the internet. It's a 3d printed 16mm spacer that lets you use cpu coolers up to 64mm instead of 48mm. Good thing that you'll still be able to use the original side panel. Well.. this makes the case around 8.1 liters though.
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    Completed Project PURE: 3L APU case, MEANWELL Support

    This first version seems so tempting now after reading the leaks about 4700G can surpass i9-9900kf and reach gtx 1050 level on gpu side. My next build might without gpu.
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    I'd like to see vents on the front left side to allow gpu to exhaust hot air better.
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    That explained everything well! The smallest case I went for was a 3.78 liter Gallon PC 3D printed but still I'm not that mad.
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    Is brickless build with a gpu possible?
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    Missing Screws - Help

    btw, I got my package last month. Thanks
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    Anyone plan to make a case for Mac Mini + eGPU?

    I couldn't be the only one dreaming a mini case to house both Mac Mini and external gpu setup together. If only I know some CAD modelling and programs, then I would start the project immediately. Similar thing was spoken here also...
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    KKSB K1 Mini ITX Case

    Just saw this video on YouTube. Looks like another A4 clone is coming. At least this one seems better than Kolink and other Taobao clones and at similar size to A4 and provides different small fan configurations.
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    Prototype Wallye NMA Carry-On Backpack (SFF / Camera Kit + Laptop)

    I’m totally a backpacker, duffle bags don’t use my case and this will be great to carry my A4 sfx. I wonder how you’re going to fit Ncase in this thing.
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    Missing Screws - Help

    Hey @dondan , I’ve just bought A4 sfx v4 second hand, however the previous owner didn’t send me any screws to mount ssd, psu and motherboard. What are the dimensions of M3 screws? I’m going to get them locally.
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    DAN A4-SFX

    I wish the same for Noctua also.
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    DAN A4-SFX

    It looks well, however I would go with the normal 3600 instead of X variant to cool it down properly. Also, don’t forget to 3D print a fan duct for Noctua cooler. It brings down the cpu temps about 7 celcius degree. Red Dragon performs great and cool well. It cools better than most of 2.5-3...
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    DAN A4-SFX

    Hello @dondan , edit: it’s alright, I’ve just got the case.
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    What is the best fan/orientation for NH-L9a?

    Finally I’m going to get my dream itx case, a4 sfx v4, in my favourite color, gray. I found a guy selling the case and NH-L9a CPU cooler together. (was planning to get a Cryorig C7 but the guy sells them together) For now, there will be Ryzen 2600 and gtx 1080 ti FE inside the case. Soon, I...
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    Fastest Intel CPU that will work in A4-SFX case with Noctua NH-L9i

    Did you check for a fan duct to be put on the cooler?