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    Motherboard PCIe raisers 3.0 and 570 chipset motherboards

    The PCIE 4.0 riser cables are available. I saw a video on youbute yesterday. Here is it:
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    GPU GPU Riser(s)

    This guy does have 4.0 riser
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    Part PCIe 4.0 and riser cables beware.......

    This cable was released back in 2017. No tweak is needed for Gen 4 up to 50cm. They are tweaking it to run up to 75cm ~ 100cm, and hopefully runs 30cm~ 50cm in Gen 5 next year.
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    Part Issue(s) with PCIe 4.0 & PCIe extension cables...?

    This guy claims to be PCIE 4.0 verified. The specs shows using same Twin Axial wires as used in 3M.
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    X570 & Riser Cable Problems for 5700/XT

    We have tested LINKUP PCIE 3.0 (future 4.0 ready) Twinax (same as 3M technology) riser cable ( 300mm and 500mm )with Gigabyte X570 Gaming X and Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT runs at PCIE x16 4.0 with no issue.