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    Discussion ENP-7660B from SFFTEC

    Aaaaand this is my SFFTEC story... no reply for almost 2 years. Bought or rather paid for it on Feb 27, 2020.
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    Amazon [EXPIRED] [EU] Corsair SF600 80 PLUS PLATINUM - €99.90

    Never seen it cheaper in EU, correct me if im wrong :) SF600 Platinum Amazon DE Also on notebooksbilliger
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    Production Steck v2.0 - Minimalist, Stackable, Sandwich Style SFF Case. Up to 3x slot GPU [325mm (L)]

    Will there be a pink color option like with the first one? Is it going to be distributed through DENSITY like Borg? I wanted to purchase the original but there was no option for Slovenia even though shipping to EU was available, so density would be great as they ship here.
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    Discussion NR200, top fan screws

    I experienced fan/vibration noise from top fans too, but I think its coming from the top mesh vibrating against the plastic. I pushed some small pieces of soft foam between the mesh and plastic and the noises went away.
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    Discussion ENP-7660B from SFFTEC

    I personally did not get any update since that email.
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    Production Meshlicious Redesign - Vertical, 280AIO mainstream case

    Can't wait for the EU preorders, I will finally be able to use my 280 that was just collecting dust for a long time!
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    Production SFFTEC Shipping Updates

    As far as I remember I was a bit shocked hearing about refund fee, because when I placed my order back in February I found no FAQs nor Terms of Agreement on the page. It even said in stock and lead time march or april which I thought meant he had them but corona delayed the shipments.... until I...
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    Production SFFTEC Shipping Updates

    Thanks for the update. I have no problem waiting a long time for a product as long I am updated about the process. This is crucial if you don't want to see people opening paypal disputes over this just because they don't know whats going on. I presume most people check this thread and with...
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    Production SFFTEC Shipping Updates

    I hate the fact that in my last email it was said that they would ship mid june, and we have to rely on other sources for more info. On june 16 it was said early next week, then delayed to friday last week, now I see they started shipping on friday and will continue this week with tracking...
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    [SFFTEC] Enhance ENP 7660B Pro (Limited Edition): Custom 600w Flex ATX PSU

    This is the answer I got after two weeks. I placed an order on Feb so I don't even know what to expect. Since the new listed PSU has different cabling I don't know if I get the one in the old listing or the new, previous one had lead time March, new one is June. I really dislike the lack of...
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    Concept FormD T1 EVO (aka T1 V2.0 and P1)

    Wow, 280 AIO support would be an instant buy for me. And the case looks dope!