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    Enclosure Coolermaster NR200

    Got mine fitted with Gigabyte X570 I, definitely should be using air cooling for my setup. I fitted Noctua NH-L12S, but the downside is I can't fit the rear top exhaust fan, so I replaced with Corsair H60. Need to spare some room because I put my 3.5" HDD inside. Using the H60, the fan, which...
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    Motherboard Gigabyte X570-I crashes from waking up from sleep (windows 10)

    Hi all, it's been awhile since I posted here, mostly because I went back to ATX form factor. Reason why is because I encountered major issue with my ITX setup where in most of the time it will crash from waking up from sleep. I really don't understand the issue here. Due to availability of...
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    Non boutique case suggestions with direct PCI-E connection

    Thanks for the offer but I wouldn't recommend anything sent from overseas without proper channel. I have to provide proof of purchase like bank transfers or bill of shipment for overseas shipment. So far only Amazon has proper channels to deal with the custom shenanigans. I bought a book from...
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    Non boutique case suggestions with direct PCI-E connection

    So... This is hard to swallow... My RVZ03 riser card was the culprit of my new system instability, and the hassle of proofing it to the distributor proved to be a huge time waster. My Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro wifi and Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT just won't play nice with Silverstone RVZ03 riser...
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    Part Riser card/cable causing system instability

    I appreciate the suggestion, just so happened I'm pressed for time, so no luxury to test the system out of the case. Maybe next Sunday. With that said, it seems that I have found some stability now. Changed the pcie connection to 2.0 on BIOS, switching to silent bios on the card, disabled high...
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    Part Riser card/cable causing system instability

    Thanks for the advice, given that I really like the RVZ03 slim vertical form factor, buying the riser cable seems to be worth the endeavor. Either way sticking with the case. I haven't tried that, set it at 3.0 when setting the BIOS the first time.
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    Part Riser card/cable causing system instability

    There's a heated topic on discussion at Techpowerup forum on whether or not people will change their AMD Radeon to an Nvidia product because of drive issue. I'm one of the contributor that wanted to change my 5700XT to 2070 Super because recently I just migrate my system back to SFF and having...
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    Enclosure Is there any SFF case worth the upgrade from a Raven RVZ02?

    You got my seal of approval for Ophion Evo... If my approval worth anything that is... I thought you're into vertical case only or I would suggest the Ophion Evo as well. It's not to my liking with the gap between the tempered glass and the frame, but it should help draw in cooler air. Replacing...
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    What games are you playing?

    Been playing world of tanks since 2012. Runs okay on the kid's ASRock Deskmini 3200G and runs great on my RVZ03 rocking all AMD stuff. The game is nicely optimized and the laid back more tactical gameplay is more of my taste. Played Minecraft with the kids on mobile, since they share one PC...
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    Enclosure Is there any SFF case worth the upgrade from a Raven RVZ02?

    Adapter is a must, the PSU bracket is for standard ATX unit. However, Silverstone ain't fooling anybody, as the optimal PSU is still for SFX, there's too tight of a room for regular ATX and the accompanying long cables. I bought Corsair SF750 just for the case, it comes with a bracket, so fits...
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    Enclosure Is there any SFF case worth the upgrade from a Raven RVZ02?

    I wonder if you play around with Windows power scheme? AMD's turbo boost is slightly fickle and you have to rein it in manually. I use Noctua NH-L12S on my 3700X, idle at 41 C on ambient room temp of 28 C. It's rainy season, so usually it's more or less 2-3 degrees C more. I use Power Saver...
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    Power Supply Corsair SF750 fan noise question

    Just a testimony, bought the SF750, and works as advertised. Fan doesn't spin on light loads, played games up to 180 watts off the wall, and it still doesn't spin. Same use case on my old SF600 gold, the fan will start to spin at 100 watts. Also because the PSU fan doesn't spin, I now realized...
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    Enclosure Case for MSI RX 5700 xt Gaming x

    Are you sure the card thickness at Are you sure the card is 58mm thick? If it is, then it can fit inside Silverstone RVZ03. I use RVZ03 currently and Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT. The GPU compartment has a fan that you can take off that gives about an extra 16-17 mm of clearance. Given my Sapphire...
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    Power Supply Making SF600 Plat Cables Shorter

    It might take the enjoyment out, but there are services available that sells custom cables for Corsair PSUs. Unless this is your second PC, don't do it, especially if you're new to this. Wrong wires can lead to catastrophic failure(s) as you're playing with literal fire hazard. Just remember...
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    Silverstone RVZ03 - Oophaga VI

    TL;DR version. Finished build. Silverstone RVZ03 Ryzen 7 3700X Noctua NH-L12S Corsair SF600 Crucial Ballistix 3600MHZ 16GB kit (8x2) Gigabyte B450-I Aorus Pro Wifi Sapphire Nitro+ 5700X Storage: NVME 512GB + 512 GB SSD + 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD. It's not as fancy as the boutique SFF cases, but...