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    My Taobao Formula case

    Any chance you leave a direct contact of the seller? Taobao seems ta huge place to find the correct seller.
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    Concept Any case with this design?

    Wow! Yes, it's very similar! Material is ABS plastic and acrylic. I will check for reviews.
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    Concept Any case with this design?

    Thanks for your reply! Well, it looks similar... but your design is bigger than what I have in mind. I will follow the development of your case.
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    Concept Any case with this design?

    Hi, I am looking for an ITX case with a design similar to the drawing I am attaching. Sorry for my poor drawing skills. The thing is I need a case to put in my home theater rack, which does not have to much ventilation on the sides and back, so I need to "suck" cold air from the front y...
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    ITX tray with modular PCI and PSU, price check!

    Hi, Do you have stock for these KITs? I'm looking for ITX+SFX