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    Production GxR-ONE ATX PLUGIN PSU / a (G)UNIQUE and (R)EVOLUTIONARY power solution / RTX3080 ready

    I've been looking at picking up one of the combos in your store. I've been a staunch brickless builder but recently I've been wanted to experiment with a brick. It just seems like it would make the actual build a lot simpler if the PSU brick was located outside. It would hurt my OCD but your...
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    News NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Launching April 2019

    Amazon is selling the MSI GTX 1650 LP for $160 with free shipping. Unfortunately, the MSI model only includes DVI and HDMI inputs and does not include a Displayport input. However, the price is reasonable and I've always appreciated free shipping and Amazon's quality return policy. I look...
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    Spring 2020?
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    News NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Launching April 2019

    My guess at this point would be that the 1650 Super will be a replacement for the 1650 and partners knowing this don’t think production of a niche soon to be obsolete product makes sense?
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    I don’t have one of these cases but thanks to Michael for answering all of these questions. Reading through the thread has been interesting.
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    News NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Launching April 2019

    Any news on if the GTX 1650 Super will have a 75W variant?
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    (TRAVEL) Taking your SFF build on a plane and getting it past Security check

    I used to travel with my fat OG PS3. I got pulled aside at security once. They asked if it was a bomb. I said no. They asked if I could open it for them. I said no. They told me they trust me and let me go on my way.
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    Based on the name, I'm assuming it's designed by and for SFF purists. I've seen those people posting on these forums and they seem like the type of people who would notice a 10% difference in volume. ? I personally wouldn't mind the difference for the added features but I do appreciate the...
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    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    LP GPU & internal PSU support in a case ~3.3L in size is very attractive.
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    S4T Accessory Wish List

    Hmm... You said it was the same width as the S4M (57mm internally & 64mm externally), right? So I’m guessing that means I shouldn’t expect a mod for a 69/70mm low profile GTX 1650? ?
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    Photos of my under desk mounting system for my Mini. My college roommate was kind enough to make this for me. Lock system that is used to fashion heavy duty accessories like a flash diffuser to the top of high end cameras. Allows me to pull the lever, slide the PC off the mount and put it in my...
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    Prototype SC3-STX: 3.5L - Internal PSU - 1080ti Mini support

    Do you think a low profile 75W GPU build with a 200W PSU above the PSU would work? Or would the PSU still be slightly too long?
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    Prototype SC3-STX: 3.5L - Internal PSU - 1080ti Mini support

    Sweet design man. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the prototype if it ends up being affordable enough. I personally don’t have any issues with the power button on the back of the unit. I have this with some of my audio equipment and it’s inconvenient at first but after a while you...
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    News GTX 1660Ti launched - Potential new SFF Sweetspot

    Now that these have been out for a while does anyone have recommendations? My case is a NFC S4M. I ordered a Zotac GTX 1660 Ti but one of the fans on the cooler had issues (loud clicking). I’ve had good experiences with Zotac customer service before but almost every Zotac card I’ve ever had has...