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    Prebuilt [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!

    I bought this one and use Linux:
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    SFF Brand Name Ideas?

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    Sff 4k silent build

    The Scythe Ninja 5 might be a quieter cpu cooler. Test results with the fans running on maximum (12V) and 130W cpu-simulator from Dark Rock Pro 4 - 49,2 °C - 41,8 dB(A) Ninja 5 - 53,1 °C - 30,4 dB(A)
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    List of SFF Chassis?

    Yes only numbers, was only entering minimum size, entering a max value made it work, thanks.
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    List of SFF Chassis?

    Works great except when entering gpu length or cooler height it always shows 0 items, no results found.
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    Stalled Nippon Malaya DAIICHI Series: An Industrial-Chic 19.9L-23.6L MATX Case

    There's also the 21,27L Abkoncore Geh Cronos 350M
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    Enclosure What do you want in a budget oriented MATX case?

    Can you share some of those things designed different to the Cerebrus?
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    Good software (opensource/free) to build a PC case?

    Have you been able to make those?
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    Other A new 3D Application to help you layout a system.

    When I tried adding a CPU cooler (air) it was added in the bottom right corner instead of above the motherboard. It would also be nice if it was possible to adjust the height of it.
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    Enclosure What do you want in a budget oriented MATX case?

    Simple and cheap, similar to Jonsbo C2 SFX PSU Under 10 liter Top IO: power button, 2x usb-c and 3.5 mm 140 mm case fan Magnetic dust filter Bottom to top airflow Easy access to both sides of motherboard (maybe with a slide mechanism similar to DeskMini A300?)
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    Enclosure Compact mATX case advice

    The smallest mATX I know of is the (Cooltek) Jonsbo C2 with volume of 12.10 liter. I had some mATX motherboards (or was it the GPU) that didn't fit and put those in the bigger 18.82 liter Coolcube Maxi...