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    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    I've been looking at this thing for a while now, That distro plate looks very sexy. I'l definitely try and get one of those with it. switching to liquid in such a small case is going to be very very cool.
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    Powering Up A Build

    Hi! I recently got my V4 shipped to me, and a couple of days ago I got enough parts to get it going, so it's started up and its beautiful, and so compact it makes everyone visiting question if it's an external GPU. However, due to stock issues I've yet to acquire a few very important parts...
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    3d Technical Artist / Compositing / Game Dev Rig

    Hey @juanelo_dev , I'm funnily enough in exactly the same boat as a technical artist and wanting to go SFF, and I think I'l be looking to copy most of your build. Albeit, I'm sort of stuck with a 300mm long asus ROG strix 2070 for now and have to consider if I want to cut away a part of the case...