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    STEAM DECK Mod thread

    I thought about harvesting the board and mounting it on a Noctua L9 or something like that. The remaining parts could be sold or used as spare parts. This was my backup plan in case it would be a disappointing handheld, but it didn't disappoint. Now I think that much better cooling is pointless...
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    Concept Purely Integrated Graphics Case

    Mini-ITX and 1.85L with internal PSU is interesting, but I would look into NUC's... since you will not need the x16 PCIe-Slot and rely on the iGPU. Currently the most powerful iGPU available is the Intel Xe with 96 EU's (i7-1165G7). It is only available in mobile and NUC's... LGA 1200/1700 so...
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    Concept Purely Integrated Graphics Case

    It will still be Radeon, but RDNA (PS5/Series S/X) architecture instead of GCN (PS4/One S/X). But of course, demand is there I think. Now it's 720p/60fps maybe soon 1080p/60fps... 1.85L? With a regular mini-itx board? Internal PSU?
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    ASRock 4x4 4800U (brickless/silent/ATX-PSU)

    I was eyeing the 4800U ever since it's release... when I saw the 4X4 for just 350€ (returned) instead of 600€ (new) I just ordered it. I already had the Meanwell EPP-120S-12 and wanted to make a case where the PSU would be internal. (The board accepts 12-19V the bundled brick is 19V.) Only...
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    Future Low Profile GPU

    The RX 6600XT is a great 1080p card... but hearing the rumors of Navi 24 (RX 6500) I don't expect a good 1050 Ti replacement (64bit/16MB infinity cache). I hope Intel's 75W card will have LP versions. Somewhere a little above 1650 Super performance with 8GB... would be great.
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    3D printed SFF to ATX psu Adaptor

    Hi, I wouldn't 3D print... Just get some scrap metal and cut it to size. There isn't much to this adapter. This is from my first (embarrassing ITX case) attempt. Match the two screws you are already using and two more of just the SFX-PSU. And match the remaining 4 of the case. I wouldn try...
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    Completed 8.87L: 6900 XT/C14S

    Other than open air... this must be the happiest 6900 XT ;)
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    CPU Why are all SFFPC cases nowadays mostly watercool / sandwich?

    If we look at the mentioned 15L Meshlicious and it's measurements... . 245 × 166 × 360 mm. 245mm, that's enough for a Mini-ITX board with a Triple-Slot GPU ('locked together' without a riser). 166mm, leaves plenty room for the GPU height AND maybe even a D15 on the CPU side... ;) Now with...
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    "SFF" Keyboards

    Is there any 60% keyboard with one extra USB-A port to connect a mouse receiver to?
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    Completed 8.87L: 6900 XT/C14S

    I'm back to the original design and material, but I ordered these adapters in order to reduce the widht further. It's now 8,4L (223*282*133,5mm). It's nice to see it even more filled up and this 10mm less allows me to fit it inside my hardcase along with the monitor (G-Story/17,3''/1080p/120Hz)...
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    Completed REVOCCASES RCC-BRICKMOD500 / build your own power brick with up to 500W output

    I know its in use in many applications but what do they use to increase thermal conductivity of the epoxy?
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    Completed REVOCCASES RCC-BRICKMOD500 / build your own power brick with up to 500W output

    I'm not a fan of external PSU's or risers/non standard components... still I did this: 5L Back then I didn't plan on using a fan and also thought about mounting the PCB on a heatsink instead of using standoffs. What keept me from doing it was the fear of cooling the wrong components...
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    Log sub 5L 2080ti/3700x case feasibility

    This is the Layout I also ended up with. The Riser was the same one would use on something like the DAN A4... with 300mm a little to long. 250mm should have been perfect. With 350mm widht you can place a C14 at the back... use the space you have left because of the PCIe power connectors.
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    Motherboard Gigabyte B550I AORUS PRO AX ITX

    Is there a chance that the 'Q-Flash Plus Button' can be configured as a power button?
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    Production Project CPR - Customizable PCI-E Riser (up to X16)

    Great work. Don't give up entirely. Maybe focus on a robust coupling of M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4... that's what I think is missing on the market. A M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 card which can be mounted inside a Notebook with a small wire which can be routed to an opening. This is inside the 14" Ideapad 5 with...