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    Production Aquanaut Basic/Extreme - Ultra Low Profile CPU Block & Pump Mount Combo

    I've now seen a couple of reports about the AM4 mounting kit. I just ordered one of these, do you guys think it's worth canceling the order? I don't want to pay $25 in shipping fees just to have to return a product if it isn't performing adequately. @Nouvolo - Would it be possible for me to...
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    CPU I'm so glad I waited for Ampere!

    In the same vein, wait for benchmarks before buying these GPUs. It's always possible they mean 2x the performance when using DLSS, or it was 2x the performance in one benchmark but it's more like 1.1x performance when averaging all benchmarks/games. I'm obviously overstating things here, but I...
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    CPU Intel 7nm process delayed by 6 months - not hitting retail until mid 2022

    This is somehow less surprising to me than AMD announcing they're still on schedule to release Zen 3 this year. Does anyone expect to see Intel 7 nm before 2023?
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    Concept J-Hack STX Project

    I've been looking for a brickless STX case for my A300! I will definitely buy one if this happens.
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    Discussion Time frame between announcement of Desktop AMD Renoir (4xxx) Ryzen chips and availability in the marketplace?

    Usually pretty fast. I believe Zen 2 chips (including the APUs) were announced in late May at Computex and available on 7/7. If you need the DeskMini now, then it's a good buy. It will probably only last you a couple of months though.
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    Motherboard Z490 ITX Sticker Shock.

    I have a 9900K in my M1. This thing is borderline too hot/power hungry for my tastes. In the face of an even hungrier-for-power-and-heat CPU lineup and ridiculous costs for essentially a re-re-re-refinement of an old process, my thoughts are that Zen 3 sounds very exciting. I wouldn't even...
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    Prototype Flux A01 - 16l ITX silent airflow case - 2 chamber design

    If you do a well-vented aluminum case (or even better, use mesh sidepanels) I would be super interested in this. Excited to see what it looks like!
  8. J

    Prototype Flux A01 - 16l ITX silent airflow case - 2 chamber design

    Look in the bottom-left corner of your post, next to the "Report" button there is a button named "Edit."
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    Prototype Flux A01 - 16l ITX silent airflow case - 2 chamber design

    This is almost exactly what I'd want. <20L, able to fit a D15S (or at least the U12A) and a Morpheus-modded GPU. I have to say I would like a mesh or vented metal sidepanel option if possible, something like the or the current Sidearm T1 design. I don't want a case with any kind of...
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    Concept FormD T1 EVO (aka T1 V2.0 and P1)

    Oh my god that horizontal case is a beauty. I have an Ncase M1 V6 and love it but this is maybe the most aesthetically pleasing case I've seen. Is there any way you could make one a little bigger and give it compatibility with either a C14S or even something larger like the U12S? I don't love...
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    I'm in the same boat. Ordered a silver one on the day the first preorders went live (right after the "refresh" due to shipping cost errors). I paid for the cheapest shipping so as long as it gets here in that timeframe... I'm glad others are getting theirs early though!
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    Concept Customizable Mini STX case

    I know this doesn't seem like it would fit your most recent render, but I just wanted to say I would be very interested if you ever did end up doing a brickless case for my A300W mini.
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    Sorry if this was answered but I wasn't able to find it searching this forum/thread. I preordered a V6 and I'm going to get custom cables that were fitted for the M1 V5. Will there be any issues with cross-compatibility? Thanks!
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    The new site is essentially a modern piece of bloatware junk.

    I have to say it's really cool to see the designers listen to feedback. I really like the newest design!