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    SFF.Network CES 2019: CoolerMaster

    I know they are wired or wireless, but the whole point of them is to be wireless and Bluetooth just has too many issues for me to get a keyboard that uses it. I'd rather wait for Corsair or Logitech to put out a wireless one that uses a dongle like most mice do.
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    SFF.Network CES 2019: CoolerMaster

    This keyboard would have so much potential if it wasn't reliant on a BT connection :(
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    Ncase M1 "tophat" mod & build

    Idk about having them reprint it but I gotta say that it looks pretty meh. The black is just so different that I almost don't think it's worth it. It would be really cool if it was an actual metal tophat so it would blend in better.
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    Ncase M1 "tophat" mod & build

    Hey @RockZors when will you get your Ncase in? I'm thinking about getting the large tophat for my black M1 oo but I want to see how it looks first.
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    Skyreach S4M Ryzen/GTX 1060 brickless

    Sorry to necro this old thread @Zackmd1 but I am thinking about doing a brickless build in my old Catz C-1 case. Still not sure if I'll use a 1050ti or wait to see what happens with the RTX/GTX 2050's but it won't be too high power. My real question is asking if you would suggest going with the...
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    SFX or Archdaemon

    The corsair PSUs are great, I'm using the sf600 and I never hear it above my CPU or GPU fans when under load. If you do choose to go with the G-Unique though, I am selling my 300w unit. I could DM you the reddit post since I'm not trying to make this post an add.
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    NFC Brickless S4M live Build Stream

    I watched through the VOD and I saw that RGB button and want it soo bad!
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    SFF.Network CRYORIG Announces M.2 Cooler and RGB C7

    This is the first 92mm RGB fan I have seen. Or at least the first one that has any kind of brand name attached to it.
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    SFF.Network DREVO Launches the BladeMaster on Kickstarter

    This looks amazing! And with a 4,00mAh battery, it should last much longer than the Calibur or the Anne Pro or even the K63 wireless.
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    Accessory Drevo's Calibur - 70% Keyboard, 100% Mechanical

    Just wait til I get tilted in Overwatch and then we'll see if the board stays still >:) But thank you for the answers. I may have to pick this thing up now.
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    Accessory Drevo's Calibur - 70% Keyboard, 100% Mechanical

    So two quick questions and one maybe long one. First, you mentioned you have to plug it in to use the software to change lighting modes, but if I set them can I then unplug the KB and use BT and keep the lighting settings I had made? Second, the 20 hours of battery life it claimed, is that...
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    Project Mercury - An internal watercooled Skyreach 4 Mini

    It seems like it would be very difficult to fill the loop with the block being the res?
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    Laser3D LZ7 CAD Workstation

    Happy you were able to get a shorty cable. Hope this helps your build out!
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    Ncase M1 v5 build - Max on air...

    Congrats on finalizing your build! I have definitely taken a good bit of motivation and inspiration from your build and will be going for the "max air" approach as well. I still only have a GTX 1060, but hell, maybe I'll just get an accelero ii and slap it on the 1060 for total overkill haha.
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    Project Mercury - An internal watercooled Skyreach 4 Mini

    @firewolfy Has something like this on his MI-6 case. I think his button is #d printed and has a light shining through it.