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    Discussion Horizontal airflow GPU cooling solutions?

    No it was a reference to Phantom Canyon, a tiger lake CPU paired with a discrete mobile GPU (specifically the 2060 max p) :-) Personally I went with a 1650, put that's so the whole thing is sub 1.5L
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    Discussion Horizontal airflow GPU cooling solutions?

    I suspect its a packaging requirement to use the 1135G7, since that is a mobile CPU and normally soldered directly to whatever motherboard (nuc11 pro board maybe) they are using. You could always try pairing it with a Mobile 2060 Max P or something, lol.
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    Discussion Ideal case for small capture rig w/out GPU Goodisory SR01 Aluminium Mini-ITX HTPC Soft Router Computer Case Support 6 COM Port (Black): Electronics You don't mention PSU requirements.
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    Log Playing with the team red

    Something like this should take care of your GPU fan connector issue: CRJ 4-Pin PWM GPU Fan Adapter Cable All Black Sleeved for Graphics Cards: Computers & Accessories
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    Discussion PSU with both 120VAC and 12~16VDC or 24VDC input

    Why not set the PC to run from a single 12V supply, then use an internal AC-DC PSU. When in the car you effectively plug in between the AC-DC unit and the DC-ATX unit and then when at home you plug into the AC-DC unit. If you are worried about 12V in the car back feeding the AC-DC PSU then just...
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    Log The portaNUC - turning a NUC into a UMPC handheld system

    Should run on the NUC no problem.
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    Log The portaNUC - turning a NUC into a UMPC handheld system

    I think the powerbrick needs to be included in the PPL, regardless of battery power or not, also wonder if you'd be able to complete the required benchmarking on a single charge :-)
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    Discussion HDPLEX DC-ATX: removing the red socket?

    Or paint/magic marker.
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    Discussion Advice for my first mini-itx build

    IME about 2mm of the BS3 height is in the screw heads and the rubber damper pads, the top of the fan itself is about 67mm. It also fits on my Asus Z390 over the I/O VRM cover/heatsink, I think it will likely fit over all Asus I/O covers (at least of the large integrated VRM heatsink style).
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    Discussion CPU getting too hot! help

    He could try the Big Shuriken 3, its pretty comparable to the L12S, but has a few extra cutouts to the heatsink fins so is more compatible with motherboards, for example it fits my Z390 Strix but the L12S says it wouldn't fit. I think with 83mm of clearance you could also swap the slim fan for a...
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    Log - HIGH FIDELITY - 90mm sandwich, 3700X, RTX 3070, Fidelity Rad 21 Radio

    3 pin fans (variable DC) wont work in a 4 pin (PWM) slot on a GPU. They work on a motherboard, because the motherboard has the ability to change the output of the pins. 3 pin: GND, +V (variable to control speed), Tach 4 pin: GND, 12V, Tach, PWM (to control speed). Motherboards have the ability...
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    Discussion Nh d15 + mitx mobo + hdplex 200w DC atx

    You don't need a Pico/DC-ATX to supply 300W, anything around 150W will be more than adequate, assuming your AC-DC adapter puts out 12V (at acceptable levels), the EPS and PCIe 12V lines can be supplied directly by the AC-DC adapter.
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    Log i5-10400f / b560 itx motherboard question.

    Actually there is. B560 (and H570) now support RAM OC, they will support RAM out of the box at upto 2933MHz for Gear 1 (1:1 RAM:IMC) for i5s and upto 4000MHz (IIRC) for 2:1). That isn't to say you can't push past 2933 Gear 1 but YMMV depending on the RAM quality. A 11400F, B560 (with unlocked...
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    Log Different Take on the K39

    It's Artesyn CPS-250-M, rated for 250W with active cooling. The 1650 is more than adequate for my needs.
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    Discussion custom water loop in itx case: 1 x 280 rad or 2 x 120 rad

    Total radiator area is what matters (assuming fin density and thickness is equal between the options), the water circulates so fast and equalizes throughout the loop that there is no significant difference in temperature at each spot. The coolant is just used to transport the heat from the hot...