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    Production FormD-T1 (aka Sidearmd), READ FIRST POST

    What would work better? A slim rad (27mm) with 25mm fans or a thicker rad (37mm) with 15mm fans?
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    Production FormD-T1 (aka Sidearmd), READ FIRST POST

    Hey Wahaha, Loque Sweden had a instagram post of this nifty concept stand for the S1 which brings the case vertical. Any chance something like that could be designed for the T1?
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    Prototype FormD-P1 (Sidearmd) 280/240AIO Support Case

    The RTX 3080 is also rumored to have a new power connector that can support up to 600W. Maybe not needed for the 3080 itself, but future proofing for the next generation of GPU and the generation after that.
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    Prototype FormD-P1 (Sidearmd) 280/240AIO Support Case

    Louque just posted a pic on their instagram of what looks like a prototype stand for the Ghost S1 which brings the chassis vertical. Of course they have this wonky 15 degree of vertical tilt, but the concept is solid. Perhaps that's something that can be done for both the T1 and P1 to give...
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    DAN C4-SFX - Update 28.06.2020

    With the GPU in sandwich layout is air-cooling the CPU still possible or does it require water cooling?
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    Prototype FormD-P1 (Sidearmd) 280/240AIO Support Case

    hell yeah, that look is killer. I'd buy that in a heartbeat
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    Prototype FormD-P1 (Sidearmd) 280/240AIO Support Case

    Is this picking up from where the Chimera Mach1 concept thread left off?
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    New revision of Ncase M1, when?

    Perhaps this is a little radical of a change, but if you could position the panel peg/clip connectors in a more symmetrical location, you could possibly just rotate an existing panel 180 degrees moving the ventholes to the bottom. Although this would completely break side panel compatibility...
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    The Chimera MachOne: For the pros. Small meets flexible.

    This case gonna be $500 when it comes out XD
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    Announcement What happens in Vegas... we'll share with you all here! (+ a giveaway!)

    I'm hoping for news on the MachOne development and an update to the 92mm asetek!
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    Solved Invert 2080 Ti Fans For Exhaust

    Let me know how this goes. I know it basically comes down to an accelero III or the morpheus II. I've had my eye on the morpheus II, but the limitation of 15mm fans only has worried me a little bit.
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    Asetek says Hello

    They did bring it back just this week in fact, but it sold out again as you could expect.
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    Heat: top of case is hot to the touch

    Hey all, I have a fairly modest rig. In an old M1 v1 have an old down-blowing Noctua L12 for my cpu, and recently changed to a 2-fan style RX580 from an old blower style nvidia card. Not sure if I ever gave it much thought before, but now as all heat is pretty much vented upwards I've noticed...