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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    @bigtoe I made a post here in the past with some pictures of the bottom 140mm fans: @BeerNsoup The Panel Clips might get in the way with some fans indeed. But they work fine with my Noiseblocker PK2. The frames just...
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    After installing 2x140mm fans in the bottom of my v6 I felt like, this case needs more huge fans. Obviously the side bracket doesn't have 140mm holes. But after taping 2x140mm fans to it, it looks to me that it would actually fit. At least with my NH-C14 and the PSU located to the side...
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    Will new power cable be available separately?
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    I am happy to see that 2x140mm fans actually fit in the bottom, including the front IO. The fans I used have frame of 3.5mm thickness and fit exactly under the sidepanel clips. One also needs to remove the two back screws of the bottom panel and use slightly shorter screws for the back case...
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    Gigabyte Aorus X570 & C14S - top panel issue

    I just noticed that the C14S Cooler is not symmetrical. Meaning it will need 75mm to the top, when the heatpipe bends point toward the back of the case and 65mm if the bends point towards the front. This would probably work with the RAM, but would the fan clear the IO shroud / VRM cooler?
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    Inverted versus Normal Ncase config 2070 super deshrouded + Nhc14s Tests

    Great test. Thanks for that. It looks like the KFA card performs quite good when deshrouded, even with only 1300 RPM on the fans. Unfortunately it is really difficult to find similar setups to compare to. I am currently looking at the Gigabyte 2070 Super Gaming and Palit Jetstream 2070 Super...
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    Ncase M1 - bottom fan spacers

    I would love a list of GPU that work like this. It seems like the Palit and Gainward cards would work well, as those give you a 2 Slot fin stack when the shroud is removed. Unfortunately there are no numbers with card offers the best performing fin stack.
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    NCASE M1 Planned Setup - Build Check

    Thickness on Strix heat sink is great, but it requires to bend the fan mounting points, as these protrude from the fin stack. Same for the EVGA Ultra XC cards. This would probably void the warranty. I had no luck so far finding which cards have a thick (and thus hopefully effective fin stack)...
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    Gigabyte Aorus X570 & C14S - top panel issue

    This is only an issue with the Aorus X570 not with Asrock X570? Are any of the Z390 Boards know to cause issues?
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    NCASE M1 V6 GPU Compatibility List

    Adding GPUs that fit with their shroud and fans removed would probably make the list confusing? I would love to use one of the thick >50mm cards with Noctua fans. For this we would need the thickness of the fin stacks including protrusions.
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    List of Mini-ITX/DTX motherboards with a Key A header (for front panel USB C)

    Another option from Silverstone :
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    NCASE M1 V6 info

    Was does this mean? Is this a rotated SFX mountig location, similar to the old way of using the ATX position with SFX Adapter to gain some room for the C14S for example?
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    Rumor Is that a DTX AM4 board from Asus ROG?

    It is: I think DTX is a good option, in the Ncase for example. The 2 fans in the Chipset, VRM Assembly could get annoying, but if the VRM is as powerful as claimed, they maybe don't spin that often...
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    Most silent build for M1 + 2080 + 9700k?

    A lot of combinations are discussed in this spreadsheet: Having that list normalized for noise would be ideal I guess. But running the C14S with an 120mm A12x25 + Accelero looks pretty good. As the important part with using the accelero is, that you can run the bottom fans as exhaust. I...
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    Case Study: Air Cooling Inside an NCASE M1

    I am still curious if a dual AIO setup is actually more quiet than a C14 + Accelero for example. Both would run the fans around 1000rpm I think, while the AIO add the pumps.