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    Lets talk OG SFF Cases. Who do you think started it? Where did you start?

    AOpen H340H was my first. Console-style cases have appealed to me since.
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    7.9L of insanity - 7960X @ 4.8GHz + 1080ti

    I used both Deltas and Arctic F9's (which are comparable to the Noctua). With the latter, yes, OC'ing is very difficult, which is why my final Time Spy score is at stock. The noise level is nice, though. The Deltas are, as you said, completely the opposite. Very loud, but somewhere around 15-20C...
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    The Silent Shoebox: An inaudible 6.88L VR-ready system

    Thank you! Love what you’re doing with mounting CPU coolers on the GPU. The PSU is an annoying problem, but flex is the most space efficient, so it has very good potential for custom fan solutions.
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    Modding Flex ATX PSU

    The fan wire mapping is rather concerning, and it’s a good thing you caught it albeit at the cost of a fan. Hopefully this will prevent the same from happening to others. FWIW the Gold has a 2 pin. And not all of their products have the shutdown behavior as I accidentally ran the 400W for a few...
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    Prototyping Sidearmd T1, CNC + AIO + 9.35L

    I think we haven't yet hit that point with the community-built A4 style cases, but this concept is coming close. The design has a lot of potential, even bringing it to 10L or slightly beyond can yield benefits in terms of thermals and compatibility.
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    Concept Nano V1 - <9L, SFX, 126mm CPU space, 263mm GPU

    It's a very good design, and I've thought about building something similar for myself on several occasions. The reason I don't is that it just doesn't jive with today's hardware requirements. You end up with unnecessarily good thermals for the CPU, with barely good enough thermals for the GPU...
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    PPL - Performance Per Liter, Round 2!

    Very nice! FlexATX is very tough to beat in these challenges.
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    Mini ITX build with Noctua-D15 Performance Gaming PC

    Love your priorities. How does the D15 compare to the stock cooler?
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    Dan A4-SFX V3 / 9700K / RTX 2080 Ti

    Beautiful build. The Black Ridge really suits the case well.
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    80mm / 160mm Radiator performance?

    Once upon a time, 80mm rads were the norm in PC watercooling. It should probably be fine at that close to double that heat load.
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    RTX 2070 Mini from Zotac

    Suppose its wishful thinking to hope that they've fixed the fan control issues of their 10xx cards.
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    Are the PSU Flex ATX valid for a powerful SSF?

    I can't find it on Amazon, but came across the same version on eBay. Too bad Geeek doesn't sell their modded versions anymore.
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    Are the PSU Flex ATX valid for a powerful SSF?

    Where did you find it?
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    Are the PSU Flex ATX valid for a powerful SSF?

    I have both the FSP400 and FSP500. I run them with 92mm fans, so they're silent for me, though it also effectively adds a lot to the volume. With the stock fan, there's always a hum, and under load it's irritating.