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    Production Sidearmd T1, CNC + AIO + 9.35L

    was just looking at the gpu clearance pic in the main thread: how much room is there for a backplate? and, im sure you've put this before but just to make sure: is the riser behind the mobo or the gpu?
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    Concept Flex-ITX motherboard form factor concept

    would this be possible in console style layout with cpu/gpu facing same way? i think this would actually be revolutionary, and as long as you got it working no problem with pcie4 (one benefit of pcb risers i can think of is being able to add retimers if needed) everyone should be on board...
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    Production Sidearmd T1, CNC + AIO + 9.35L

    any updates on morpheus? i'm not sure and cant be bother to google benchmarks rn, but shouldnt it beat out 3 slot gpu? or at least offer a very good retrofit for others. would obsessed have better perf than money is no object? obviously tempered glass, rgb and full custom loops provide...
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    ULP & VLP DDR4 3200 memory set

    it looks like those are mini-dimms, which are between sodimms and normal dimms: importantly... they arent dimms :( looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer for ram manufactures to wake up
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    Production Sidearmd T1, CNC + AIO + 9.35L

    Loving that new CNC'd panel that may or may not be inspired by my suggestion. I know this is probably just a test render, but what %airflow are we looking at here compared to mesh? either you or necere posted comparing some cases a while back and it was very interesting. also: that white looks...
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    Production [SFFTEC] Z-CASE P50: Innovative console-style SFF PC case

    does your psu’s fan throttle down with low loads? how quiet is it? (forgive me if i missed something)
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    What's on Taobao

    @Windfall, weren't you looking for some stupid small uATX cases? this might tickle your fancy
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    Prototyping DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink

    this is what overclockers said, im going to be ordering mine now anyway because i bought a 1600x which doesnt come with a stock cooler. anyone know if there are issues with asrock b450 itx?
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    M.2 "Graphics Card"

    could be useful for powerful/server cpu only systems with no igpu
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    Off Topic Show your new toys Topic

    Got my new mobo in today! 90 quid from ebuyer which is a pretty good deal methinks
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    Prototyping DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink

    Has anyone with a "faulty" unit had temp problems? A small part of me hopes the fixed units might have even nicer temps???
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    Zen 2 News and Rumors Discussion

    navi igpus sounds interesting. as a buy used or die person i probably wont end up with one of these (who knows, it could be a killer deal) but everyones gonna be selling ryzen 2 right? :P
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    Rumor AMD Navi RX 3080, 3070 & 3060 Specs & Prices Leaked

    amd hasnt had bigger numbers than nvidia for a while. this should be fun
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    Off Topic The space inefficiency thread

    this is why god invented micro atx (itx would work but i suppose he went atx for budget... but then again he bought new, even on black friday)