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    A4 or S4 mini for 2700x

    The A4 will cool better if you use the 92mm aio, probably cools about the same as the s4m with an air cooler. The A4 will obviously have bigger gpu compatibility and supports standard power supplies. If all you care about is cpu performance, get the a4 and the aio. If you care more about size...
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    A4 or S4 mini for 2700x

    Huh? There are a number of much higher powered PSUs for the mini, including a 400w internal power supply that's compatible with an rtx 2070 card. Look up the HDplex 400w ac-dc. I have an S4m with an 8700k and a 1080 powered by a 450w power supply from GUnique. Again, I have an 8700k in mine...
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    Production Lazer3D LZ7 - Quiet Gaming Cube PC Case

    The vrm and m.2 will honestly probably be cooler without the heatsinks. They're more for decoration usually than actual performance sadly and that's a downdraft cooler that'll be giving them direct airflow.
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    635ml (21.5oz) Ryzen 2400G Mini-STX Build

    ASRock has a thin itx am4 board now!
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    Off Topic "SFF" Keyboards

    Yep, I do the same thing, so for my split keyboard, the left thumb key is space and the right one is enter and I don't have a shift key on the right half.
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    Off Topic "SFF" Keyboards

    I didn't take many pictures while I was building it unfortunately. I'll try to dig up the ones I did take tonight though. It's a Corne keyboard, or CRKBD. It's also known as the helidox: It has hotswap and low profile versions, mine's...
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    Off Topic "SFF" Keyboards

    So on the poll I put that the smallest board I'd go with was 60%... then I went and built a 40% XD
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    Prototyping CoolerCase ...a case that cools...

    If I had that case, I'd run it looking just like those renders with all the the guts showing ;) Edit: if removing the side panels adversely effects cooling too much, then just throw two glass panels on it and still leave the other sides bare
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    Very low profile DDR4 ram

    Ryzen supports ECC, Intel does not unless you are using a server cpu and motherboard. However ECC typically runs at lower clock speeds, which would hurt Ryzen's performance.
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    Portable LCD monitors for work and gaming, recommendations?

    Someone needs to make a card with thunderbolt 3 on it though ;)
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    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    From what I've read the c7 isn't really an upgrade to the noctua, that said the noctua still needs I think 6mm of space for best operating conditions?
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    Production Lazer3D LZ7 - Quiet Gaming Cube PC Case

    You could probably do just fine without that too though, or just install some cheap aftermarket heatsinks on it and the vrm. I know some people on the forum have used ones like these:
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    Production Lazer3D LZ7 - Quiet Gaming Cube PC Case

    Why not just remove the vrm heatsinks? They're usually designed with form over function anyway
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    Split up HDPLEX DC-DC?

    pictures? :O
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    HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    For front mounting you can't use the hdplex 400 dc, right? Have to use the KMKPT dynamo combo?