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    Soldering pcie extension to back of itx board?

    This is probably an insane idea... but would it be possible to solder an extension or a pcie slot (bearing in mind that the wires would be reversed) to the back of a motherboard to make back to back gpu layout cleaner?
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    Off Topic "SFF" Keyboards

    I bring my crkbd (40% split) to work all the time, no one else will touch it ;)
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    Unless it's a DX12 game that the developers included multi gpu support for (which is basically no games) you need sli to use two cards. However A) SLI is basically dead, not many games support it anymore and some games that don't support it will actually run worse. B) The 2060 does not support...
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    28 core ITX from ASRock Rack EPC621D4I-2M

    I wouldn't say that means all cables are out, my wife had to force pcie 2 with the shift's cable to get her pc to boot. I think it's just a poor quality cable. I tried using it with my mb and gpu and it booted but at pcie 3 x8, I had to go to pcie 2 to get all 16 lanes to work.
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    Feedback The SFF.N Update Thread: Track our work!

    I am still having issues with not getting notifications for threads I watch. I see threads almost everyday in the Latest Posts that I could swear I was watching, I click on it and sure enough, I only have the option to unwatch the thread, but I have no notifications for any new messages on the...
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    More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

    Probably better to ask in the discord, more likely to get a response. My guess would be that there technically are caps on the 12v rail, but they're there to support the buck converters. So technically it probably has filtering, just not sure how much.
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    AMD X570 ITX Motherboards

    Any pictures?
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    PCI-E Bifurcation

    Dang, 4x4x4x4x is crazy. Now I want to see 4 way crossfire on itx ;D pcie gen4 means it probably wouldn't even bottleneck .
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    AMD X570 ITX Motherboards

    I ~really~ wanted to get a shapeoko or mpcnc, but I live in an apartment and would be worried about dust for my wife's sake and noise complaints. I'm hopeful I'll get a place where I can have a powered outdoor shed soon.
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    Intermittent sound/graphics issue, do I need a new pcie extension?

    My wife's pc is in a phantek evolv shift which uses a pcie extension cable. for the past few months she's been having some issues, particularly during games or watching videos. 1) Her sound will randomly stop working (using audio over dvi to monitor) and will stay broken till a restart or...
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    Not all Ryzen 3000 are on 7nm !

    The Ryzen 2xxx APUs were also one generation behind the other 2xxx parts. I think that's just going to be the theme with ryzen. APUs use last gen cores. Makes sense I guess when you consider that they're being worked on concurrently, but still sucks. A proper Zen 2 + Navi APU could potentially...
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    28 core ITX from ASRock Rack EPC621D4I-2M

    It absolutely still supports that. It's just harder because the increased bandwidth means timings are more important. A short cable might work just fine, a long one will need signal repeater chips. However the devices will still work regardless, it can just downspec to pcie gen 3. It's all...
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    AMD X570 ITX Motherboards

    You could set up the pcie slot to be x16 or bifurcated x8 with x4 for a second/third m.2. That way it's x16 with only one ssd, or x8 with two or three.