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    Lian Li/DAN A4-H2O

    Hey @dondan. Would be looking at this case as a replacement for my Node 202 in an HTPC setup. Already have a SFF air cooler. What's the distance from CPU die to case edge?
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    Cryorig C7 Cu and AMD Wraith Stealth fan Sandwiched in a Node 202

    It fits, barely. I got the Cryorig C7 Cu purely for looks. The stock C7 fan ramping up and down and whining when under load was really annoying though. Since I had the old AMD fan lying around, I wanted to see if I could fit the Wraith fan inside of the case. I had to remove the plastic spacers...
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    Fitting a 120mm push-pull cooler into a Node 202

    I was looking into options for water-cooling a node 202 and wasn't really seeing any options that wouldn't dump hot air back out of the bottom vent of the GPU chamber or push it back into the case. What I was thinking was to add some additional ventilation to the GPU chamber was to add a another...