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    Prototype DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink

    With a 9700K and 2080 Ti I have these temps at stock speeds: Temps idle: CPU: 33° GPU: 42° SSD: 38° MOBO: 36° Temps Gaming (PUBG @ 1440p): CPU: 75° GPU: 83° SSD: 57° MOBO: 56°
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    Dan A4-SFX V3 / 9700K / RTX 2080 Ti

    Thank you. The fan is pulling air into the case as I wanted to create something that at least resembles airflow. So fresh air from sides and bottom and hot air out on top. At least that was the thought behind it. Thank you very much. Like I wrote in my initial post, then I did not test with...
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    Dan A4-SFX V3 / 9700K / RTX 2080 Ti

    Thanks! Yeah, found out right after I had finished the build. I have contacted the retailer and will get a replacement around January/February. But I am actually surprised that the temps are as good as they are. I picked the Silent Wings solely because I was going for an all black/gun metal...
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    Dan A4-SFX V3 / 9700K / RTX 2080 Ti

    Hi all, Being a long time lurker around these here forums, I just wanted to share my first ever SFF build with you all. It's been a really fun process searching for and picking out parts and building in such a small enclosing. I'm loving my A4. CPU: i7-9700K (Stock) CPU Cooler: Alpenföhn...