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    NCASE M1 v6 + EKWB Water Cooling - Advice needed!

    Don't get that board. It has the worst chipset fan of all AM4 ITX-Boards. Every other board is better than this one. Better stay with the classic EK Velocity CPU block and keep your MSI board - you are not going to see any difference at all in temperature given the tiny rads we can fit inside...
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    NCASE M1 V6 GPU Compatibility List

    I have a TX240 + 2 Noctua A12x15s under it. Overall Performance was best with both fans set as exhaust pulling air through the Radiator. In Push mode i had very high SSD Temperatures on my back mounted SSD. It's also possible to keep the I/O panel this way - The reference Card is short enough...
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    RX6800XT Reference + NCASE M1 + Deshroud + 2x A12x25

    Oh nice, my card is running very hot so i decided to switch to dual radiator custom watercooling - makes it possible to game with all fans @800rpm :-)
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    RX6800XT Reference + NCASE M1 + Deshroud + 2x A12x25

    And only do this mod if you have a damaged fan on your GPU or you have other noise issues with your card (noise) because it is not going to improve temperatures in any way due to the way AMD programmed the fan controller.
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    RX6800XT Reference + NCASE M1 + Deshroud + 2x A12x25

    Hi my experience was pretty good so far. Screws are all the same length so no way to mess it up (except for mistaking backplate screws with under backplate screws). If you dont lose them you cant mess it up. Noise levels are still quite good and my fans never ramp beyond 1500 rpm. The reused...
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    NCASE M1 V6 GPU Compatibility List

    Headsup: Watercool Heatkiller V RX 6800 / 6900 XT does fit the Ncase M1. It leaves a total of .5mm space between the terminal and sidepanel! I can confirm that it physically fits and there still is a extremely tiny Gap between terminal and side panel. Max fitting outer diameter is 20mm!!! Use...
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    Any chance M1 Front I/O Kit restock for order?

    Is it the same for ODD and Side panels?
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    Corsair SF 80+ Platinum Fan Mod/Swap

    Which is why you never go by colours when modding Fans. As I wrote in an earlier post just peel off the round lable on the original fan to find the correct pinout. It is clearly marked as -, +, P and o. Trace the colours to the connector and match your adapter to the installed FAN. I...
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    Noctua 40mm NF-A4x20 FLX or PWM? (for flex atx psu)

    Internal header is always the better approach to PSU Fan modding as the Motherboard has no idea about PSU thermals, but the PSU does. Some PSUs don't have a decent fan control though so improvement might be minimal. I'd give the internal approach a try and if it doesn't work switch it to the...
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    RX6800XT Reference + NCASE M1 + Deshroud + 2x A12x25

    Just a small post on the 6800XT/6900XT Reference - Deshroud is possible and totally worth it in the M1. Unplug Fan + RGB Cable Remove Backplate with PH1 Screwdriver Remove X-Bracket with PH0 Remove Baseplate + PCI Bracket Screws with PH1 Remove the PCB from Cooler Assembly, DO NOT remove the...
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    Corsair SF 80+ Platinum Fan Mod/Swap

    Considering it pulls ccompletely fresh Air in the Ghost S1 and the tophat pulls out air I'm not very concerned, but i also went for the A9x14 Chromax because it is the HS version with 2500 rpm. If i still had my Tu150 i wouldn't go for the mod though.
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    Memory Very low profile DDR4 ram

    Check my Post a bit up, these Sticks run flawlessly in my Asus b550i with 5950X at 3200/cl16/1.35v If you can tolerate a fan running at 100% every now and then the black ridge should be fine, if you can fit a 70mm cooler you can also go for for the L12S and mod an A12*25 fan to fit it. 5950s...
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    Log Sliger CL530 - Tame RTX 3090 FE?! (Build Log)

    There is also the Louqe MKIII PCIe 4.0 Riser. It has no ribbon Cable, instead it uses seperate Twinax cables. Much better for thermals, should allow free Airflow. And thanks for bringing the heatissue to the Table, i never thought about Riser temps - will place a Tempsensor behind my RX6800 to...
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    Increase clearance for Video connectors on (almost) all Sandwhich-cases (especially ghost S1)

    This is a small mod which can help if you have big Displayport and HDMI connectors that may be blocked by the backplate of your case and end up with a loose connection. Just put a few M3 washers between your Riser and Case Standoffs: This will move the VGA closer to the side panel. Large...
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    Log Ghost S1 Aircooled; R9 5950X; RX6800; Noctua L12S @ A12x25; Single exhaust - Guide and results.

    And a small side note: If your Displayport or HDMI cables hit the cutout on the back of the case (it is rather small by default) you can put 2 washers between the riser and standoffs to move your vga closer to the side panel. This will also reduce m.2 temps if you have a back-mounted m.2 drive: