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    DAN B4-SFX

    How should we interpret that this has been unstickied? Has the project been abandoned, or just demoted to "might not happen"?
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    Corsair AM4 retention bracket for 645LT?

    Asetek support got back to me: the Corsair bracket is indeed compatible, so I bought myself one of those.
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    Corsair AM4 retention bracket for 645LT?

    I'm upgrading from an LGA1511-based system to an AM4-based system in my Dan, so I need a new retention bracket for my Asetek 645LT. Unfortunately it seems the only website in Europe that has it in stock is in the UK, which charges 40 pounds shipping (!!) to Switzerland. Does anyone know if the...
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    Dan A4-SFX V4 3900X Asetek 645LT Workstation

    Chipping in on the cable story: You can get custom cables quite cheaply on the Etsy store called "DreamBigByRay". I can't stress enough how important custom cables are for the Dan A4 building experience!
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    DAN B4-SFX

    Going against the stream here, but I would vote for 240mm. Around this volume is the breaking point for when it's realistic to travel with such a case, and 10.5L is slightly more realistic to pack than 12.2. For people who don't travel with their machine I can see why 280mm would be preferable...
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    Asetek 645LT pump noise

    Out of curiosity, why didn't you plug the fans on the deshrouded GPU into the GPU fan header?
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    Asetek 645LT pump noise

    I've checked the manual of my motherboard again, and two of the fan headers are supposed to have PWM/DC toggle switches... but they don't. I have newest version of the BIOS. Seems like the issue is on EVGA's side! Hope to get a favorable response.
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    Asetek 645LT pump noise

    My motherboard (EVGA Z270 Stinger) does not have a dedicated AiO header, only CPU_FAN, SYS_FAN, and CHA_FAN. I've now experimented with plugging the 645LT into either, but the behavior is identical. I do not have an option to switch between PWM and DC mode. As far as I can tell from EVGA...
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    Asetek 645LT pump noise

    Hi @elvendawn, Unfortunately using Argus has the same limitation as the BIOS: changing the curve does not affect the RPM of the pump at all! I might try switching around the CPU_FAN and SYS_FAN headers and see if I get it to respond, but AFAIK this shouldn't matter, as they're all identical PWM...
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    Asetek 645LT pump noise

    I love my A4 v4.1 build (even managed to snag a Gigabyte 3070 Eagle to fit in there!), but there's one thing that keeps it from being perfect. The pump noise from the Asetek 645 LT. This is recorded right in front of the right side of the case, with mouse clicks for reference. Whooshing from...
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    DAN C4-SFX

    I personally would prefer either no screw holes, or at least two diagonal screw holes per fan (of course more options for fan placement and layout are always nice if they don't compromise performance, just look at the tricks we have to do for the 30-series FE cards, which we had never imagined...
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    Dan A4 with 3080 XC3 or 3080 FE - which do I keep?

    Thank you for the detailed rundown, this is extremely useful! Could you crosspost this on the Dan Case subreddit as well? It will be easier for people to find there.
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    [NSFW] EVGA RTX 3070/3080 FTW3 Fits in A4

    This thread should have a NSFW warning... 😭
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    Fits a RTX 3080 ?

    Did anyone ever confirm whether the EVGA 3080 XC3 is compatible with 645LT in its standard configuration? I've only seen pictures with air CPU coolers.
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    RTX 3070 Options

    It will definitely not fit with the side panel on :-) you need the 3070 Gigabyte Eagle or Zotac Twin Edge or FE