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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    Is right now a faster mini card out there than the 1080ti that can fit into the s4mini classic?
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    Log Project 🐦RoadRunner (Battery Powered Portable PC, in S4M-C #524)

    Wow, this is just an incredible awesome project. Keep on going. You gonna make that exchangable battery pack a reality?
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    Selling [EU-Ger] New Zebrawood Bezel for S4M-C S4 Mini Classic

    Selling (preferably in EU/Germany) a brand new unused bezel that i bought but never used. costed 78€ + inport tax make me an offer.
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    Accessory Portable LCD monitors for work and gaming, recommendations?

    wow lapscreen anyone heard about them? usb C and HDMI no touch version under 250$
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    GPU Zotac GTX 1080 Mini

    Cuban, cesky is on gurys discord happy to answer your question. I think he left because he is busy and has no time for forum chatter
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    GPU Zotac GTX 1080 Mini

    Who knows. Its untapped territory for anyone. You have to find out by yourself. Can you go over 3000rpm? Like 3100?
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    GPU Zotac GTX 1080 Mini

    i like your adventurous side :D Nice it worked for you :)
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    GPU Geforce 20 series (RTX) discussion thread (E: 2070 Review unbargo!)

    Why has the msi no vr port??? Damnit, they allways forget something :( Msi has best acoustics but then forgets the vr port...
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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    nice one Cuban :-) i saw on your flickr album that you still have the hdplex 300? you glued it also with epoxy? did it help with the coilwhine at all? i did mine and it helped.
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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    There is a sales subforum for that. How much do you want for that and where are you located?
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    GPU Zotac GTX 1080 Mini

    You have some more pictures of the modded card outside of the case?
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    Show your new toys Topic

    whats so special about this gpu?
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    Cutting Skyreach 4 Mini to fit the Scythe BS2 Rev.B - 58mm?

    Rpcs3? So you running a ps3 emulator exclusively on this cpu?
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    Power Supply [SFFn] HDPlex 400w HiFi DC-ATX - The Next Generation

    I upgraded my gpu from a 1070 to a 1080ti so I bought this month the hdplex 400w v1.6 comming from a hdplex 300w So, 1080ti and a i7 8700k powered by a 330W DA330PM111 dell brick and the hdplex400 in an s4m-c. I powerlimited the gpu at 95% right from the start. I must say, running all kinds...
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    eBay NOCTUA 2 for 1 Sale (GER, AT)

    Only for germans and austrians Noctua officially sells off a lot of different refurbished fans, two for the price of one. 6 Years Waranty by Noctua They come in Bulk, meaning: no fancy packaging and no accessories Noctua NF-B9 redux...