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    Prototyping This is the best solution for AIO. Thac Nuoc L1

    This seems genuinely dishonest. I'd like to be wrong. Can you do a 30 minute stress test for both this 92mm AIO & the 240mm AIO, providing relevant data?
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    Deskmini A300 wifi replacement/upgrade

    I would err on the side of caution if that's what you're reading on the product (I can't access the link & can't find any documentation that indicates as such), but from what I was able to read it seems like certain features are gatewayed for intel processors (intel vPro, Intel Active...
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    Raijintek Metis airflow-mod

    I've been eyeing the Metis Plus for awhile now. I've grown weary of the idea of AIO solutions for SFF, & I've lost interest in compromising on CPU or potential thermal throttling. It's nearly the perfect case with modifications like yours. Don't have to get a riser cable, and the price cannot...
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    My first mini build: suggestions please!

    My understanding is that most scientific software (at least in the medical field) use as many cores as they can for compute. AMD is probably the route to go for those applications, but with your power constraints you're better of going intel methinks. Of course, any processor that meets the...
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    Group Buy/Crowdfunded Modded BIOS for the Asrock A300m (Deskmini A300)

    Guess I'll be reentering my "wait for next gen" hole.
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    Group Buy/Crowdfunded Modded BIOS for the Asrock A300m (Deskmini A300)

    Looks like 3000 APU's will still be 12nm :(
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    A300 Mini STX and Z390 Micro STX up on SFFLab?!

    The board has been there for awhile yes, the option to select an MXM GPU alongside is new however.
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    Budget Mini-ITX build: Ryzen 3 2200G vs Pentium Gold G5400

    Oof. Why they did this to the Canadians is beyond me. That's a pretty good markup. Sounds like you are pretty sold on what you're looking for. Just throwing this out there at this point. Here's a PCPartPickerList for CAD prices with A300/Athlon 200GE. For Canadians, it may very well not be...
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    Budget Mini-ITX build: Ryzen 3 2200G vs Pentium Gold G5400

    I bring it up a lot on this forum but have you considered the deskmini? >.>
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    Budget Mini-ITX build: Ryzen 3 2200G vs Pentium Gold G5400

    Not that I don't love building, but for this use case it's probably not worth the investment to do so. There are cheaper pre-built alternatives that are smaller for what you aim to achieve. Probably not the answer you wanted, someone should say it.
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    First SFF Build

    I'm in the same boat. Have to assume intake.
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    First SFF Build

    The 9700k will run too hot for that cpu cooler. If you do decide stick to both those parts, make sure you setup Long Power Duration Limit to 95W (and pray) if not 65w in your BIOS. If you want to keep that CPU, I'd recommend the Asetek 645LT. *Note, if you buy that linked bundle you only need...
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    Production M2427 - Cable Management Freedom

    If something like this gets standardized in consumer PC's someday, I can see a lot more people being comfortable sizing their own custom cables. I personally fear putting just a single cable in the wrong spot on the 24 pin. Cant imagine frying a thousand dollars in parts from that kind of mistake.